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Martin Kleppmann on Using Logs for Building Data Infrastructure, CAP, CRDTs by Martin Kleppmann Posted on Jun 28, 2015 Martin Kleppmann explains how logs are used to implement systems (DBs, replication, consensus systems, etc), integrating DBs and log-based systems, the relevance of CAP and CRDTs, and much more.

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Samza in LinkedIn: How LinkedIn Processes Billions of Events Everyday in Real-time by Neha Narkhede Posted on Dec 05, 2014 Neha Narkhede of Kafka fame shares the experience of building LinkedIn's powerful and efficient data pipeline infrastructure around Apache Kafka and Samza to process billions of events every day.

The Game of Big Data: Scalable, Reliable Analytics Infrastructure at KIXEYE by Randy Shoup Posted on Jul 19, 2014 Randy Shoup describes KIXEYE's analytics infrastructure from Kafka queues through Hadoop 2 to Hive and Redshift, built for flexibility, experimentation, iteration, componentization, testability, reliability and replay-ability.

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Apache Kafka: Next Generation Distributed Messaging System by Abhishek Sharma Posted on Jun 04, 2014 Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system. This article covers the architecture model, features and characteristics of Kafka framework and how it compares with traditional messaging systems. 12

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