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  • Agile Business Rules

    by James Taylor on  Sep 04, 2006

    James Taylor looks at the challenge that arises when the new requirements are not really requirements at all, but new or changed business rules. Aren't business rules the same as requirements? Taylor says: no, not really; and looks at how to make an agile development processes work just as well for business rules as they do for other kinds of requirements.

  • Book Review: Collaboration Explained: Facilitation skills for software project leaders

    by David Spann on  Jul 10, 2006

    David Spann, himself an experienced facilitator, provides an insightful review of "Collaboration Explained: Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders" by Jean Tabaka. Jean, an experienced teacher, consultant and coach, offers techniques to enhance group effectiveness, provides some templates to assure their first efforts are well planned, and tells some great stories along the way.

  • Dealing with Legacy Code

    by Jared Richardson on  Jun 12, 2006 19

    Here's a three-pronged attack to use on the legacy code that everyone eventually inherits: Build, Automate, Test. Use this BAT to create a safety net to ensure your code continues to work the way you want it to. Richardson shows how this helps quickly identify and eliminate unintended side effects. See how your day-to-day work compares, and see if you need to approach your work differently.

Agile Asset Management with Ruby DSLs

Posted by Jeremy Voorhis on  May 22, 2006

Ruby makes it easy to craft Domain-Specific- Languages with Ruby syntax. This article is a story about the benefits derived from implementing a Ruby DSL for a PLANET ARGON development project. 7

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