New Hosting Options for Team Foundation Server

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 05, 2010 3

Changes made to Team Foundation Server 2010 has allowed for new hosting options. These include third-party hosting and a hybrid model where code is synchronized between local and CodePlex servers.

Cloudant releases Java based view server for CouchDB

by Michael Hunger on  Sep 08, 2010

Cloudant the company behind CouchDB just released Java View Server for CouchDB. That means that not only Erlang and interpreted languages like Javascript or Python can be used to write Map-Reduce jobs but also JVM based languages.

Architecture Analysis Tool SonarJ 6.0 Supports Structural Debt Index and Quality Model

by Srini Penchikala on  Aug 16, 2010 2

The latest version of software architecture analysis and quality governance tool SonarJ supports structural debt index and architecture quality model. The company behind the product, hello2morrow, last month announced the release of version 6.0 of the tool. The new release also includes sand-box testing and an updated version of Sonar plugin.

MyEclipse for Spring 8.6 Released with Flex, GWT and iPhone Scaffolding

by Dio Synodinos on  Aug 10, 2010

Genuitec and Skyway Software have announced the release of MyEclipse for Spring 8.6. The latest release includes accelerators for Spring Core, Adobe Flex, Spring MVC, GWT, Spring Web Flow and iPhone Web applications. The release also introduces a new set of Spring development editors, Code Assistants, that facilitate the annotation-based development of Spring and JAX-WS artifacts.

Tasktop Agile Planner for Eclipse Released

by Dave West on  Aug 10, 2010

Tasktop has released an Agile planning tool that leverages MyLyn connectors to provide planning support that spans across multiple project management integrations like Mingle, Team Concert, Rally, Scrumworks,JIRA and VersionOne. The Eclipse integration supports automatic linking between plan items and source code artifacts allowing developers to create and manage plans directly from Eclipse.

Designing Agile Spaces

by Dave West on  Aug 06, 2010

Agile has always stressed the need for an appropriate physical space to support the team and team practices. Ryan Martens recently wrote about the intersection of design, design thinking, and the agile environment - suggesting that open space and wall-to-wall whiteboards are just the beginning of what is needed to create an ideal agile team-space.

W3C Releases Unicorn Web Validation Tool

by Dave West on  Jul 27, 2010

W3C has released Unicorn, a one-stop tool to help people improve the quality of their Web pages. Unicorn combines four popular tools, including the Markup validator, CSS validator, mobileOk checker, and Feed validator, with a single interface.

Visualize First. Build Later.

by Dave West on  Jun 28, 2010 16

A Computerworld article and webinar announcement, both featuring the use of iRise, to visually capture business application requirements calls attention to this growing product segment.

CodeRush Xpress for C# and VB for Visual Studio 2010

by Abel Avram on  May 12, 2010 2

Microsoft has decided to continue licensing CodeRush Xpress for free for developers using the non-free editions of Visual Studio 2010. Developer Express has released the beta version of CodeRush 10.1.1, containing features related to code selection, code navigation, class/field/variable declaration and refactoring.

New Features in .NET 4: Charts, SEO, and Extensible Output Cache

by Abel Avram on  Feb 17, 2010

The upcoming version 4.0 release of the .NET Framework comes with many new improvements, some of which have been covered previously on InfoQ. This article explores three more new features which are arriving with .NET 4.0: Chart Controls, SEO support and Extensible Output Cache in ASP.NET 4.

Google Will Stop Supporting Older Browsers

by Abel Avram on  Feb 15, 2010

Google has announced they will stop supporting older and less secure browsers like IE6, Firefox 2.x, Chrome 3 or Safari 2 starting with Google Docs and Google Sites editor from March 1st, 2010.

Maven to be Built on Guice

by Josh Long on  Feb 04, 2010 4

Sonatype, the professional services company that sponsors the development of many key Maven committers, has announced that they will build Maven 3 atop the Guice Dependency Injection (DI) container instead of the Plexus DI container employed for Maven 1 and 2. Backwards compatability will be ensured using a shim to support Plexus.

Tasktop Pro 1.6 Supports Task Management for C/C++ Projects and Automated Time Tracking

by Srini Penchikala on  Nov 06, 2009

The latest version of Tasktop Pro, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration suite for Eclipse IDE, supports cross-repository linking, task management focus for C/C++ Projects and agile ALM tool integration. Tasktop Technologies, creators of Eclipse Mylyn and Tasktop, announced last week the release of Tasktop Pro 1.6 version. The new release also supports automated time-tracking feature.

JIRA Improves and Costs Less

by Craig Wickesser on  Nov 01, 2009 6

Atlassian has recently released JIRA 4, their issue tracking, agile project management and workflow product that has been widely adopted across the planet. InfoQ had the opportunity to get some Q&A time with Atlassian about the release and things to come.

Microsoft Offers a Set of Web Development Tools for $100

by Abel Avram on  Sep 25, 2009 4

In an attempt to lure web developers to its platform, Microsoft has created the WebsiteSpark program which offers a consistent package of Microsoft web development applications plus support and training for 3 years for a fee of $100 paid at the end of the program.

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