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Srini Penchikala

Joined on Nov 20, 2007

currently works as Security Architect and has 17 yrs of experience in software product management.

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Srini currently works as Software Architect at a major financial services organization in Austin, Texas. He has over 18 years of experience in distributed software application development and security & risk management programs. He is the co-author of the recent book "Spring Roo in Action" from Manning Publications. Srini's main areas of interest are Agile Enterprise Architectures and Lean Software Development. He has presented at conferences like JavaOne, NoSQL Now, SEI Architecture Technology Conference (SATURN), IT Architect Conference (ITARC), No Fluff Just Stuff, and Project World Conference. He has also published several articles on topics like Domain-Driven Design, Enterprise Architecture, NoSQL Databases and Agile Secure Software Development on websites like, ONJava, DevX Java,,, and JavaWorld. Srini tweets using handle @srinip and publishes a blog on Java, Agile, and other topics at

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