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  • The Architecture of Datomic

    by Rich Hickey on  Nov 02, 2012 2

    Rich Hickey, the author of Clojure, explains the architecture of Datomic - a new database designed as a composition of simple services, combining the capabilities of RDBMS and scalability of NoSQL.

  • Julien Nioche on Apache Nutch 2 Features and Product Roadmap

    by Srini Penchikala on  Nov 01, 2012

    Open source web-search framework Apache Nutch version 2 supports large scale crawling, link-graph database and HTML parsing. InfoQ spoke with Julien Nioche, VP of Apache Nutch project, about the framework new features and its future roadmap.

  • Blueprint for a Big Data Solution

    by Jonathan Natkins on  Oct 31, 2012 2

    In his new article Jonathan Natkins explains how to use components of Apache Hadoop, including Flume, Hive and Oozie to implement a typical Data management system. He also gives a practical example of such architecture to measure Twitter user’s influence.

Inside the Complexity of Delivering Cloud Computing

Posted by JP Morgenthal on  Oct 03, 2012

This article answers the question, is cloud computing really all that hard? 2

Hadoop and Metadata (Removing the Impedance Mis-match)

Posted by Alan Gates, Russell Jurney on  Sep 26, 2012

A new Apache HCatalog provides a metadata and table management system for Hadoop ecosystem, simplifying data interoperability between different data processing tools

Transitioning from RDBMS to NoSQL. Interview with Couchbase’s Dipti Borkar

Posted by Abel Avram on  Sep 08, 2012

This article contains an interview with Dipti Borkar, Director of Product Management at Couchbase, on the challenges, benefits and the process of migrating from RDBMS to NoSQL. 6

Implementing Aggregation Functions in MongoDB

Posted by Arun Viswanathan, Shruthi Kumar on  Jun 20, 2012

In this article, authors Arun Viswanathan and Shruthi Kumar discuss how to implement common aggregation functions on a MongoDB document database using its MapReduce functionality. 7

Evolution in Data Integration From EII to Big Data

Posted by JP Morgenthal on  Feb 22, 2012

Approaches to integrating data are changing with emergence of cloud computing. 2

Implementing Lucene Spatial Support

Posted by Boris Lublinsky on  Jan 13, 2012

In this article, Boris Lublinsky shows how to extend Hbase - based Lucene implementation with geospatial search support.

Exploring Hadoop OutputFormat

Posted by Jim.Blomo on  Dec 07, 2011

Usage of custom Hadoop OutputFormat allows to produce output data in a form most appropriate for other applications. 2

Uncovering mysteries of InputFormat: Providing better control for your Map Reduce execution.

Posted by Boris Lublinsky, Mike Segel on  Nov 04, 2011

InputFormat class provides a powerful mechanism for tighter control of Maps execution in Map Reduce jobs. In this article authors show how to leverage this mechanism for solving specific problems. 1

Extending Oozie

Posted by Boris Lublinsky, Mike Segel on  Aug 02, 2011

In this article authors show how to extend Oozie by introducing custom actions, specific for a given company/line of business. 6

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