Modularity Maturity Model

by Alex Blewitt on  Sep 27, 2011

At the OSGi Community Event, Dr Graham Charters introduced the Modularity Maturity Model, a way of scoring where projects or organisations against how their modular developments score.

Sonatype Offers Insight Into Enterprise Open Source Usage

by Charles Humble on  Sep 21, 2011

Sonatype, the main company which drives Maven development, has joined a growing list of companies which aim to help organisations understand and audit their open source software usage, with the announcement of the Sonatype Insight software suite.

Java.Net Artefacts in Maven Central

by Alex Blewitt on  Aug 18, 2011

Sonatype and Oracle have joined forces to provide stability and quality to Maven artefacts. A Nexus Pro instance now hosts the artefacts at, and they are synchronised into Maven Central for widespread consumption.

Jenkins Not Interested in Hudson Reconciliation

by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 06, 2011 1

At a recent Jenkins meeting, the discussion turned towards whether a reconciliation with the Hudson project was possible (after the Hudson proposal to move to was released), and what would be required for that to happen. The stated requirements appear to be in conflict to moving towards either Eclipse or Apache foundations, and therefore in a reconciliation with Hudson.

Atlassian Replaces Builders with Tasks in Latest Bamboo Release

by Michael Floyd on  May 11, 2011

As the discussion in Agile development moves from continuous integration (CI) to continuous deployment, CI servers are doing more to automate the overall build process. Atlasian, which today released Bamboo 3.1, has implemented a new feature called Tasks that the company hopes will aid developers in their continuous deployment efforts.

Jenkins, Hudson and Eclipse

by Alex Blewitt on  May 11, 2011 19

With the recent proposal to move Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation, there has been speculation as to whether this will lead to a coming together of Jenkins and Hudson, or even whether the code can be relicensed under the EPL. A discussion is taking place later today on the Jenkins IRC channel to discuss whether the Jenkins community wants to be part of this or not.

Oracle Proposes Hudson Move to Eclipse Foundation

by Alex Blewitt and Charles Humble on  May 04, 2011 35

Oracle has created a proposal to move the Hudson project, including ownership of the trademark and domain name, to the Eclipse Foundation. In addition to the existing commercial backers (Oracle and Sonatype), other commercial supporters are keen to see Hudson move to an independent organisation and process, and will also be adding committers to the project.

Hudson Resurrected as Hudson 2.0

by Alex Blewitt on  Apr 22, 2011

The first significant release of Hudson since the Hudson/Jenkins fork has been released, with a new versioning scheme following OSGi/Semantic Versioning going forward. This includes a new JSR330 dependency injection model to make it easier to run in an OSGi runtime as well as decoupling from specific Hudson annotations.

Annotation-Driven Dependency Injection with Google Guice 3.0

by Michael Floyd on  Apr 20, 2011 7

Late last month Google released Guice 3.0, a Java framework that implements the dependency injection (DI) design pattern. The motivation behind Guice was to make it easier for programmers to write DI code by reducing the need to write boilerplate factories. This article examines the new 3.0 features, loks at how Guice 3.0 supports Spring DI, and introduces Guice 4.1 (a.k.a. MiniGuice).

Hudson Moves to GitHub (Again)

by Alex Blewitt on  Feb 14, 2011

Whilst Jenkins 1.397 has been released, Sonatype have been pressing on with build and architectural changes to Hudson. In order to facilitate further developer interest, the Hudson codebase will be moved back to GitHub.

Jenkins First Release; Hudson Support

by Alex Blewitt on  Feb 03, 2011

The first Jenkins version, 1.396, has been released with upgrade scripts that can help migrate an existing Hudson instance. Meanwhile, Oracle confirms the continuation of commercial Hudson support, and Sonatype puts their weight behind Hudson.

Hudson Renames to Jenkins

by Alex Blewitt on  Jan 31, 2011 2

The votes are in, and the community voted to rename Hudson as Jenkins in a 214 to 14 split. The infrastructure is ready but not yet in use, with a migration timeline to be announced in advance to give developers time to migrate to the new organisation. Oracle will continue to support and develop Hudson at the infrastructure, but for how long?

Hudson Community Proposes Rename to Jenkins

by Alex Blewitt on  Jan 28, 2011 7

Oracle has responded to the Hudson community about how they can keep control of the Hudson name but let the community do the work. The community has responded with a vote on renaming the Hudson project to Jenkins to escape from Oracle's legal sabre-rattling.

Hudson Project Proposes Renaming to Jenkins

by Alex Blewitt on  Jan 12, 2011 2

With Oracle having applied for the trademark on the Hudson project name, and potentially putting the future of the Hudson project in future jeopardy, the Hudson developers have proposed renaming the project to Jenkins. The developers are keen to emphasise that this is a rename, not a fork, of the project since the same developers will continue to work on the renamed project.

Hudson Moves Away From Oracle

by Alex Blewitt on  Dec 01, 2010 8

The Hudson developer community has moved Hudson's source code away from Oracle controlled source infrastructure, and is considering a fork. Oracle is now pleading for this not to happen. How did relations sour, and what is the future of Hudson?

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