• An Agile Talent Development and Adaptive Career Framework

    by Pat Reed on  Oct 19, 2012 1

    As organizations adopt agile practices and techniques they often find that existing talent management approaches need to adapt to new ways of working. This article discusses the critical task of replacing dysfunctional performance management systems, antiquated job families and limiting career paths that undermine the effectiveness of our teams and compromise the health of our culture.

  • Book Review: Making it Big in Software

    by Dave West on  Oct 28, 2010 1

    The focus of this book by Sam Lightstone is helping you become a great software development professional. Career advancement is important, but secondary. Using a mix of interviews, commentary, and advice, this book exposes and explores the principles and values that support professionalism and even craftsmanship.

  • Finding an Agile Employer

    by Angela Druckman on  Aug 31, 2010 12

    The rocky job market of the last couple years has left many people looking for work. Agile software development is appealing to many job seekers, but not all jobs are alike. If you want a job in Agile software development, using a framework like Scrum, you need a plan of action that spans all three phases of your job search: reseach/preparation, interviewing, and assessing your opportunities.

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