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Closures and Preserving the Feel of Java

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Dec 19, 2007 16

During the last few years, there has been wide-ranging discussion about adding closures to the Java language, either as part of Java SE 7, or in some future, unspecified release. At Javapolis, Joshua Bloch presented his opinion about the controversy, and why he feels that CICE is a more suitable approach.

Without a Defined Process, How Will We Know Who To Blame?

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 28, 2007 2

"A fundamental premise of the 'train-wreck' approach to management is that the primary cause of problems is 'dereliction of duty'" said Peter Scholtes in his 2003 book on leadership. Mary Poppendieck's recent article on process, people and systems asked: "Which is more important - process or people?" and showed how Lean is an alternative to certified process improvement programs like ISO 9000.

Lessons Learned: Transitioning to Agile at GMAC-RFC

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 01, 2007 3

This half hour presentation looks at a Fortune 500 company's effort to achieve faster time to market by transitioning from RUP to Agile. Hussman & Stenstad reveal the gradual process from readiness assessment and chartering through education and practice to the creation of an adaptive culture with a "living plan", sharing lessons learned along the way.

Is COM a Dying Technology?

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 21, 2007 8

Does COM still have a place or is it a dead end technology?

The Role Of Leadership - Agile 2007

by Ben Hughes on  Aug 17, 2007

Mary Poppendieck spoke at Agile 2007 providing an insight into the adaptation of manufacturing management principles in the software development arena.

Kaizen in Lean Software Development

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Jul 25, 2007 6

Lean methods employ Kaizen, or continuous improvement, to reduce waste and improve results on a regular, even daily, basis. On the leanagilescrum group, Alan asked, "Are there known techniques for facilitating kaizen activities within Lean/Agile software development?"

Time for Change: Agile Teams in Traditional Organisations

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Jul 06, 2007 1

Agile teams seem to be meeting more resistance, as they scale up and move from "early adopter" territory into the mainstream. Does this mean Agile can't work in more traditional organisations? Not necessarily, say coaches Michael Spayd and Joe Little, in a new InfoQ interview: what's needed now is an awareness of the need to facilitate organizational change.

The Legal Boundaries Of Agile

by Ben Hughes on  Jun 28, 2007 3

Adopting Agile practices requires a shift in the organisation on many different levels, but can making such a change lead to serious trouble?

A Real Product using Z-Wave and .NET Micro

by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 07, 2007

Microsoft has been pushing a lot of new technology lately, but is any of it actually useful? In the case of .NET Micro, Leviton Manufacturing says it is, though the far more interesting technology is Z-Wave.

Interview: Linda Rising on Collaboration, Bonobos and the Brain

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  May 21, 2007 9

Seasoned practitioners packed a small room at Agile2006 to hear Linda Rising's "Are Agilists the Bonobos of the Software Community?" where she shared her thoughts on the evolutionary roots of teamwork. In this InfoQ interview, Linda talked with editor Deborah Hartmann about how writing her book "Fearless Change" led her to read on the science of the human brain and the social rituals of apes.

A Disciplined Approach to Agile Adoption

by Ben Hughes on  May 10, 2007

Ahmed Sidky and James D. Arthur present an Agile Adoption Framework. Attempting to provide a structured, repeatable and measurable framework for adopting Agile processes in a software development organization.

Kent Beck: Be Yourself - Create More Value

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Apr 30, 2007

Recent discussions on the extremeprogramming list keep returning to "telling the truth". Why do we bite off more than we can chew? Why the overtime heroics? Kent Beck's one-hour talk "Ease at Work" explored how to get off what he called the "genius-shithead rollercoaster" and just be yourself at work. Question: Would you rather spend energy on maintaining an image, or doing more cool stuff?

Domain-Driven Design Case Study: So We Thought We Knew Money

by Jonathan Allen on  Feb 22, 2007

Ying Hu and Sam Peng show how they solved some major problems dealing with international currency by selectively applying Domain-Driven Design to their existing application.

How .NET Handles Standards Compliance that Result in Breaking Changes

by Jonathan Allen on  Feb 16, 2007

Two security classes in .NET, HMACSHA512 and HMACSHA384, have a bug. It isn't an earth-shattering bug, but it does produce results that are inconsistent with the standard. The .NET Security team shows how this will be handed so that current applications won't break when the code gets fixed.

InfoQ Article: Transitioning to Agile, Attitude Counts

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Jan 08, 2007

When transitioning to agile, success requires a true change in behavior and outlook. Daffyd Rees shares advice on "Cultivating Agile Attitudes" in this excerpt from the Agile Alliance's Agile Development Journal, including "Growing Agile Developers," "Creating Agile Coaches," and "Weeding out Hidden Problems."

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