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  • Do Java 6 threading optimizations actually work?

    by Jeroen Borgers on  Jun 18, 2008 16

    Features like biased locking, lock coarsening, lock elision by escape analysis and adaptive spin locking are all designed to increase concurrency by allowing more effective sharing amongst application threads. But do they actually work? In this two part article, Jeroen Borgers explores these features and attempt to answer the performance question with the aid of a single threaded benchmark.

  • Scalability Principles

    by Simon Brown on  May 21, 2008 7

    At the simplest level, scalability is about doing more of something. This could be responding to more user requests, executing more work or handling more data. This article presents some principles and guidelines for building scalable software systems.

  • Ruby Concurrency, Actors, and Rubinius - Interview with MenTaLguY

    by Werner Schuster on  Jan 31, 2008 1

    With Erlang popularizing Actors, Rubinius adding its Multi-VM, and Ruby 1.9 adding another concurrency primitive with Fibers (Coroutines), a lot of things are going on in the Ruby concurrency world. So we interviewed MenTaLguY, who works on Rubinius, JRuby and many aspects of concurrency in the Ruby world.

The Box: A Shortcut to finding Performance Bottlenecks

Posted by Kirk Pepperdine on  Sep 21, 2007

Finding performance bottlenecks can be a difficult task and it can get more difficult as our applications grow in size. The Box is a methodology tool that focuses us efforts to improve performance. 6

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