• Agile, Architecture and the 5am Production Problem

    by Michael Nygard on  Jun 25, 2007 25

    Can refactoring and unit testing really create robust “working software” that survives the real world? In this story adapted from his book Release It! Michael Nygard contends that "abstractions leak": we need to attend to architecture, even in Agile projects, to guard ourselves against the 5AM failures that occur when foundational abstractions misbehave.

  • ESB Alternative

    by John Harby on  Nov 08, 2006 23

    John Harby is a participant in several OASIS Technical Committees and was co-author of The Middleware Company SOA Blueprints initiative. He is an independent consultant on SOA and middleware in Enterprise scale projects. John writes about problems with the ESB pattern including vendor lock-in, centralization and feature overkill. In this article, John proposes an alternative capability.

  • Do Agile Practices Make it an Agile Project?

    by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 17, 2006 15

    Use of Agile methodologies is growing, but this comes with its own challenges: including the possibility of dilution as teams copy practices rather than growing them, implementing them without understanding. Perhaps it's time to talk about how failure to teach the basics puts much at risk: the integrity and engagement of team members, and the trust of their customers.

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