How TDD and Pairing Increase Production

by Mike Bria on  May 27, 2009 7

"Test-driven Development" and "Pair Programming" are two of the most widely known of agile practices, yet are still largely not being practiced by many agile teams. Often, people will cite being "too busy" to adopt such practices as TDD and pairing; in essence, implying that striving for high code quality will reduce productivity. Mike Hill explains how this logic is seriously flawed.

Presentation: A Tale of 2 Systems

by Abel Avram on  May 05, 2009

In this video recorded during QCon London 2008, Pete Goodliffe presents two Linux-based audio products with a complete different outcome, software design making the difference.

What does Quality Mean?

by Mark Levison on  Apr 22, 2009 5

Is quality supposed to mean a lack of defects that are holding us back? Mike Bria, Lisa Crispin, James Bach and JB Rainsberger debate the meaning of quality and the limitations our current definition is placing on us.

J.B. Rainsberger: "Integration Tests Are A Scam"

by Mike Bria on  Apr 09, 2009 18

Well-known agilist and TDD expert J.B. Rainsberger has begun a series of posts to explain why his experience has led him to the thought-provoking conclusion that "integration tests are a scam".

Throw Away Your Bug Tracking System?

by Mike Bria on  Mar 18, 2009 5

Elisabeth Hendrickson, A.K.A "testObsessed", presents a thought-provoking stance on triaging bugs in an agile project. She discusses her feelings that problems found during the iteration are not "bugs", that only the Product Owner has the right to call something "bug", and that a healthy agile team might likely have no need for a bug tracking system.

Interview: Luke Francl Explains Why Testing Is Overrated

by Abel Avram on  Feb 18, 2009

In this interview filmed during RubyFringe 2008, Luke Francl explains his position towards testing. While supporting unit testing, he thinks testing is not going to reveal all application defects. Development teams should practice code reviews and usability tests which are likely to discover bugs not visible though other methods.

Presentation: Testing is Overrated

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 17, 2009 8

In this talk from RubyFringe, Luke Francl asks: is developer-driven testing really the best way to find software defects? Or is the emphasis on testing and test coverage barking up the wrong tree?

Forget Your Debugger, Use The "Saff Squeeze"

by Mike Bria on  Nov 26, 2008 7

Kent Beck, renowned co-father of XP, TDD, and JUnit itself, tells a story about tracking down a defect in a new JUnit feature, JUnitMax, with unit tests instead of a debugger. He explains a method shown to him by current JUnit lead developer, David Saff, where a high level unit test is recursively inlined until a super concise test is created down at the very root of the defect.

Presentation: Principles and Practices of Lean-Agile Software Development

by Abel Avram on  Nov 20, 2008

In this presentation held during Agile 2008, Alan Shalloway, CEO and founder of Net Objectives, presents the Lean software development principles and practices and how they can benefit to Agile practitioners.

Careful With Your Coverage Metrics

by Mike Bria on  Nov 12, 2008 2

Christian Gruber takes some time to clarify the TDD stance on using code coverage metrics. He discusses what code coverage metrics do and don't tell you, how TDD fits into the picture, and how one might be best advised to use their code coverage metrics.

The Power of Done

by Chris Sims on  Oct 13, 2008 4

Scott Schimanski recently added his voice to those talking about the power of a clear definition of "done." Scott points out there is both business and personal value in a well-defined meaning of "done". The business can count on shipping features that are done, without making any additional investment, while individuals really seem to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with "done."

What are the Qualities of a Good Test?

by Mark Levison on  Oct 03, 2008 5

What is a good test? How do we know if we're writing good tests? Kent Beck, Roy Osherove, Mike Hill and others provide some insight.

When is Ok to Break the Rules

by Mark Levison on  Sep 18, 2008 3

In “Just Ship Baby” Kent Beck, author of the JUnit Framework, reminds us that the point of all the Agile processes and practices is to produce shipping software. If they’re getting in the way of shipping software – then perhaps you need to break the rules.

A Fresh Look at 'Technical Debt'

by Mike Bria on  Aug 27, 2008 4

A Technical Debt Workshop was recently held to improve our industry's understanding of and approach to "technical debt", resulting in some interesting ideas. Among them, changing our perception of the problem to focus on "assets" rather than "debt", an idea now receiving quite a bit of attention by people such as Michael Feathers and Brian Marick.

FIT/Fitnesse Fixture Gallery 2.0 Released

by Abel Avram on  Jun 18, 2008

Gojko's Fixture Gallery is a cookbook for FIT/Fitnesse fixtures and version 2.0 has been released with Java, C# and Python code samples.

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