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  • "Flirting" With Your Customers

    by Jenni (Dow) Jepsen on  Nov 20, 2009 13

    All over the world, there are classes that teach people how to flirt. A German university even requires their IT engineers take a flirting class—not to attract a partner, but to learn how to interact more effectively in the workplace. Flirting means connecting with others, and connecting is the key to good communication. That is what the first principal of the Agile Manifesto is all about.

  • Book Review: Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision Making

    by Nick Oostvogels on  Jul 06, 2009

    One of the responsibilities of self-organizing teams is to take decisions that respect everyone’s opinion. This book has some great examples in coaching the team to navigate through difficult discussions so they can maintain their speed without endangering their success by suspending or ignoring critical issues.

  • Tips for Effective Software Reuse

    by Vijay Narayanan on  Jun 18, 2009 4

    Vijay Narayananoffers 10 practival tips on succeeding with systematic reuse of software components, based on his experience with multiple projects. The collection of tips is not intended to be exhaustive but will help developers and team leaders to appreciate the variety of strategies that one has to undertake in order to succeed with systematic reuse.

Case study: Distributed Scrum Project for Dutch Railways

Posted by Marco Mulder and Martin van Vliet on  Aug 12, 2008

Success/failure with Scrum can hinge on how we adapt it. Here's the story of a successful, large, distributed Scrum project (already scrapped once under a traditional approach) with lessons learned. 11

Offer People Reasons to Love Your Remote Meetings

Posted by Pete Johnson on  Dec 10, 2007

Given their increasing frequency, the ability to effectively facilitate meetings utilizing teleconferences and desktop sharing tools is an important skill. This article offers tips and tricks. 12

Railway Story: SimpleTicket

Posted by Obie Fernandez on  Nov 15, 2006

SimpleTicket, a newly open-sourced Rails app provides insight into progress and innovation enjoyed by Ruby on Rails advocates and paints a vivid picture of a dynamic, modern startup. 2

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