• Interview With Demis Bellot, Project Lead of ServiceStack - Part 1

    by Roopesh Shenoy on  Dec 17, 2012 1

    ServiceStack is an Opensource .NET and Mono REST Web Services framework. InfoQ had the opportunity to get insights from Demis Bellot about the project. In Part 1 of this two-part interview, we discuss mainly about the motivation behind ServiceStack and various design choices made in the project.

  • So What Exactly is a View-Model?

    by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 23, 2012 2

    So What Exactly is a View-Model? After being introduced to the term “view-model,” most developers start by using them as a dumping ground for everything. This article explores some of the many roles assumed by the view-model and asks the question, “What really belongs in the view-model?”

  • A User’s Story: DubDubDeploy

    by Donte Ormsby on  Oct 11, 2012 1

    When Donte Ormsby came to us, it was just a friendly letter to say that he found a great tool for simplifying website deployment using ASP.NET and thought our reader might find it useful. After talking a bit, we decided the best way to introduce DubDubDeploy to you would be for him to just tell his story.

Continuous Integration with MSBuild and Jenkins – Part 2

Posted by Mustafa Saeed Haji Ali on  Oct 01, 2012

In Part 2 of our MSBuild series look at using the CI server Jenkins. We choose Jenkins because it supports a wide variety of projects, making it ideal for heterogeneous environments. 7

Continuous Integration with MSBuild and Jenkins – Part 1

Posted by Mustafa Saeed Haji Ali on  Sep 20, 2012

In this first of a two-part series, Mustafa Saeed Haji Ali looks at implementing a continuous integration system using MSBuild and Jenkins, an extendable continuous integration server. 8

Jason Zander on Visual Studio's Past, Present, and Future

Posted by Jeff Martin on  Sep 19, 2012

InfoQ met with Microsoft's Jason Zander to discuss the arrival of Visual Studio 2012 and to take a look at what developers can expect from the product in the future.

Plastic SCM – DVCS at Enterprise Level

Posted by Pablo Santos on  Aug 13, 2012

While other DVCS systems were designed for the needs of the Linux open source community, PlasticSCM addresses the problems facing enterprise software developers, especially those using .NET. 1

Introducing: Restful Objects

Posted by Dan Haywood, Richard Pawson on  Jul 19, 2012

Restful Objects is a public specification of a hypermedia API for domain object models. 40

Cut off wrong dependencies in your .NET code

Posted by Patrick Smacchia on  Jul 16, 2012

Patrick Smacchia discusses the problems with circular dependencies between components. In this article he demonstrates using namespaces and NDepend to detect and correct excessive coupling. 2

Interview with Alessandro Del Sole, Author of LightSwitch Unleashed

Posted by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 15, 2012

LightSwitch allows people without programming experience to create business applications. We spoke with Alessandro Del Sole, author of LightSwitch Unleashed to get some more insights into the product.

Interview with Mathew MacDonald, Author of Pro Silverlight 5 in C#

Posted by Jonathan Allen on  May 29, 2012

We spoke with Matthew MacDonald about Silverlight’s changing role in the developer’s toolbox, some highlights from Silverlight 5. We also have a sample chapter on Silverlight animation from his book. 4

Writing a Comprehensive Unit Test

Posted by Jonathan Allen on  May 24, 2012

A common “best practice” for unit tests is to only write a one assertion in each test. I intend to question this advice by showing that multiple assertions per test are both necessary and beneficial. 13

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