Amazon Brings Virtualized Storage to the Cloud with Elastic Block Storage

by Scott Delap on  Aug 21, 2008

Persistent has long been an achilles heel of the EC2 platform. Today Amazon moved to address this issue with the release of Elastic Block Storage (EBS).

Ruby and Rails Software Stacks Overview

by Mirko Stocker on  Aug 21, 2008 4

A growing number of fully fledged software stacks for Ruby is available, providing all the necessary software you need to run an application, including web and database servers. They come in different flavors: virtual machine images, Amazon EC2 images and installer based. We take a look at some of them to give you an overview.

Is Database-as-a-Service a Bad Idea?

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Aug 21, 2008 3

Data Management represents a strategic asset for Cloud Platforms as the most popular Data Services will likely command the largest platform market share. In a post this week, Arnon Rotem-gal-Oz argues that "Database-as-a-Service" is a bad idea. Would you trust your enterprise data to DaaS?

David Chappell: Introduction To Cloud Computing

by Dilip Krishnan on  Aug 20, 2008 3

David Chappell published a Microsoft sponsored white paper on Introduction to Cloud Platforms

Presentation: Jinesh Varia About Amazon Alexa Web Service's Architecture

by Abel Avram on  Aug 16, 2008 3

In this presentation, Jinesh Varia, a Web Services Evangelist at Amazon, talks about the architecture of one of Amazon's web services called Alexa. Jinesh explains how Amazon has reached scalability, performance and reduced costs for the Alexa service.

CloudCamp's Reuven Cohen Discusses Virtualization and Cloud Computing

by Scott Delap on  Jul 28, 2008

InfoQ recently sat down with CloudCamp founder Reuven Cohen to discuss cloud computing. CloudCamp was formed in order to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing.

Erlang and Ruby Roundup: Vertebra, Scaling with Fuzed, Github

by Werner Schuster on  Jul 16, 2008

Recently a few popular Ruby projects have started using Erlang. We look at how EngineYard's Vertebra, Powerset's Fuzed and recently Github make use of Erlang.

Cloud Tools bring Java EE on Amazon EC2

by Dio Synodinos on  May 30, 2008

Chris Richardson the author of "POJOs in Action", has released Cloud Tools, a set of tools for deploying and testing Java EE applications on Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). It's a Groovy framework that provides an API for launching EC2 instances; configuring MySQL, Tomcat servers; and deploying more web applications. In addition, it can also run JMeter and collect performance metrics.

Amazon upgrades EC2 with Persistent Storage

by Dio Synodinos on  Apr 22, 2008 3

Amazon’s Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), which delivers Hardware as a Service (HaaS), is adding persistent storage to its list of features. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels write that "Persistent storage for Amazon EC2 will be offered in the form of storage volumes which you can mount into your EC2 instance as a raw block storage device."

Heroku and Morph AppSpaces: two new solutions to Rails hosting

by Mirko Stocker on  Apr 14, 2008 1

Heroku and Morph Labs are Ruby on Rails hosting providers, offering a complete stack of software and easy to use interfaces to get your applications up and running in a few minutes. We talked to both parties to find out more about their offers.

Hypertable Lead Discusses Hadoop and Distributed Databases

by Scott Delap on  Apr 03, 2008

Two open source projects related to Hadoop, HBase and Hypertable, provide Big Table inspired scalable database implementations. InfoQ sat down with Doug Judd, Principal Search Architect at Zvents, Inc. and Hypertable project founder, to discuss its implementation.

Hosting a Web Site on Amazon's EC2

by Charles Humble on  Feb 26, 2008 8

Codesta's Oliver Chan provides some hints and tips for developers looking to use Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud to host a web site.

Amazon EC2 Gains Favor with JEE and Groovy Developers

by Charles Humble on  Jan 22, 2008 5

Using the EC2 API is straightforward, but to make life even simpler Chris Richardson has posted a Groovy framework that can launch MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, a set of Tomcat instances and JMeter, as well as deploying web applications to Amazon's EC2.

Amazon's SimpleDB and IBM's Blue Cloud Continue the Rise of Cloud Computing

by Scott Delap on  Dec 17, 2007 2

Earlier this week Amazon introduced a beta of SimpleDB, a web service for running queries on structured data in real time. SimpleDB compliments Amazon's other computing services Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. The announcement comes roughly a month after IBM announced their Blue Cloud initiative.

Client side load balancing of Ajax applications

by Gavin Terrill on  Oct 10, 2007 1

Traditional approaches to load balancing have focused on server side solutions. Lei Zhu recently proposed an approach where the load balancing logic for a clustered Ajax application resides in the client tier, and describes how an application built on Amazon's S3 and EC2 services has successfully employed the technique.

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