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Why UI Testing is Sooo Hard by Ivan Inozemtsev Posted on Aug 14, 2015 Ivan Inozemtsev discusses the automated testing difficulties of an Eclipse-based application’s UI, introducing the RCP Testing Tool, how it helps and how it is implemented underneath.

An Overview of Desktop Java Technologies in Today's RIA World by Scott Delap Posted on Sep 20, 2007 Scott Delap provides an overview of Swing and Eclipse RCP technologies in today's world of RIA applications, as well as advances in deployment techniques such as Java Web Start and Pack200 which assist in the centralized deployment of desktop apps. Scott also compares when to use Java vs. other technologies such as Ajax, Flex, and OpenLazslo. 2

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Case study: Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform Use at CAS Software AG by Craig Wickesser Posted on Feb 01, 2009 Eclipse RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) in the real world is covered in this case study which looks at how CAS Software AG used RAP on a recent new product offering. Eclipse Equinox is also used by CAS and covered in the case study. 3

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