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CQRS, Read Models and Persistence by Jan Stenberg Posted on Oct 20, 2015 4

Introducing Reactive Streams by Jan Stenberg Posted on Sep 30, 2015

DDD, Events and Microservices by Jan Stenberg Posted on Jun 29, 2015 1

Making Sense of Event Stream Processing by Jan Stenberg Posted on Mar 22, 2015 1

Lessons Learned Building Distributed Systems at Bitly by Sergio De Simone Posted on Jul 23, 2014

Microsoft Tackles Internet-of-Things With New Data Stream Processing Service by Richard Seroter Posted on Jul 22, 2014 1

DataTorrent 1.0 Handles >1B Real-time Events/sec by Abel Avram Posted on Jun 03, 2014 7

Reactive Streams with Akka Streams by Bienvenido David Posted on Apr 21, 2014

New York Times Lab Introduces Visual Stream Processing Tool by Michael Hausenblas Posted on Apr 01, 2014 1

Greg Young on Using Complex Event Processing by Jan Stenberg Posted on Jan 29, 2014 4

Yahoo! Open Sources Storm on Hadoop by Boris Lublinsky Posted on Jun 17, 2013 2

Dempsy – a New Real-time Framework for Processing BigData by Boris Lublinsky Posted on Apr 25, 2012 8

Did CEP deliver for SOA and can it for Cloud? by Mark Little Posted on Sep 11, 2011 10

Yahoo! Releases S4, a Real Time, Distributed Stream Computing Platform by Tim Cull Posted on Nov 23, 2010 5

A Quick Look at Architectural Styles and Patterns by Abel Avram Posted on Feb 11, 2009 2

Event Stream Processing: Scalable Alternative to Data Warehouses? by Sadek Drobi Posted on Oct 31, 2008

Complex Event Processing and EDA? by Steven Robbins Posted on Aug 21, 2008

WebSphere Updates: sMash, eXtreme Scale, Virtual Enterprise, Business Events by Floyd Marinescu Posted on Apr 09, 2008

Gartner on Disruptive Trends in Platform Middleware by Mark Figley Posted on Oct 18, 2007 1

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Martin Kleppmann on Using Logs for Building Data Infrastructure, CAP, CRDTs by Martin Kleppmann Posted on Jun 28, 2015 Martin Kleppmann explains how logs are used to implement systems (DBs, replication, consensus systems, etc), integrating DBs and log-based systems, the relevance of CAP and CRDTs, and much more.

Darach Ennis on CEP, Stream Processing, Messaging, OOP vs Functional Architecture by Darach Ennis Posted on May 09, 2013 Darach Ennis explains the lessons learned from the Complex Event Processing community, reactive programming, the challenges of messaging on mobile platforms, OOP vs Functional and much more. 2

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InfoQ eMag: Hadoop Apache Hadoop is proving useful in deriving insights out of large amounts of data, and is seeing rapid improvements. Hadoop 2 now goes beyond Map-Reduce; it is more modular, pluggable and flexible and it fits a variety of use cases better. We explore this as well as some tools that can help utilize Hadoop better.
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