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Experience Report: Growing eXtreme Programming Teams by Rachel Davies Posted on Apr 11, 2014 Rachel Davies reports on how Unruly Media is using XP and how they have adapted to increasing scalability needs.

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Taking Back Agile by Ben Linders Posted on May 29, 2014 Tim Ottinger's blog post I want Agile back earlier this year led to discussions in the agile community about the way that organizations are adopting agile and the services that the industry provides to supports them. Together with Ruud Wijnands he started "take back agile" which focuses on technical practices and craftsmanship in agile.

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Agile Engineering Practices Today by Debbie Madden Posted on May 20, 2014 The companies that can best leverage the process of building software are the ones that will succeed in the next decade. Learn how taking advantage of Agile Engineering Practices helps your business achieve this competitive edge. And, learn 5 ways your business can benefit from Agile Engineering Practices today. 4

eXtreme Programming The Methodology by Sanjeev Raman Posted on Apr 02, 2014 A practical approach to implementing eXtreme Programming as a methodology. This article first sets the stage regarding the values, roles, plan & manage, and design & development principles of XP are. Then it discusses a personal experience from an Agile Coach perspective implementing eXtreme Programming followed by recommendations, and conclusion. 2

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