ServiceStack Crosses 100 Contributors

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Oct 18, 2012 4

ServiceStack is an Open Source .NET and Mono Framework that provides a strong alternative to WCF, MVC and Web API for building Web Services and Applications. The project team recently announced that they crossed 100 contributors milestone. We take this opportunity to dig further.

Oracle Launches Free Version of Application Development Framework

by Charles Humble on  Sep 24, 2012 2

Oracle has today made a free, cut-down version of their Java EE based Application Development Framework (ADF) available for download through the Oracle Technology Network.

OpenXava 4.5 Supports JPA Inheritance Mapping and Automated Business Logic

by Srini Penchikala on  Aug 22, 2012

The latest version of OpenXava, a Java framework for rapid development of enterprise applications, supports all strategies of JPA inheritance mapping and the Automated Business Logic (ABL) library. OpenXava version 4.5 was released last month.

The Future Of JBoss Seam And Apache DeltaSpike

by Kostis Kapelonis on  Apr 11, 2012 8

Seam 3.1 is the last "bundled" release from JBoss. The project continues in the form of Apache DeltaSpike (currently in incubation) an attempt to combine all individual efforts on CDI extensions.

Adobe Is Distributing Cordova under the PhoneGap Brand

by Abel Avram on  Mar 20, 2012

Adobe will continue offering PhoneGap as a Cordova distribution along with PhoneGap Build and Adobe Shadow.

Funf Is a Sensing and Data Processing Mobile Framework

by Abel Avram on  Jan 14, 2012

Funf is an open source framework for collecting and analyzing mobile data. It has been used by MIT to see how political opinions change during an election campaign, how users interact with each other, or how illnesses spread through population.

The Lean Startup Frenzy

by Christopher Goldsbury on  Dec 29, 2011

Is the Lean Startup movement another fad or a real source of value creation? The implications of the latter are extreme. If Lean Startup is a real way to achieve consistent success in new ventures then Eric Ries may have cracked the code toward persistent venture success and ultimately: wealth creation.

Debate: The Annoying Detail

by Abel Avram on  Nov 25, 2011 5

Uncle Bob and Simon Brown debate on the infrastructure’s role in drawing a system’s architecture.

Apache Wicket 1.5 Released

by Kostis Kapelonis on  Nov 16, 2011 2

The Apache Wicket project has released version 1.5 of its open source, component oriented Java web application framework, with new HTML 5 components, and Improvements to the message/event model.

Spring.NET Gets Visual Studio Add-in, CodeConfig, NuGet Packages

by Roopesh Shenoy on  May 18, 2011 3

Spring.NET, the .NET counterpart of Spring Framework for Java has several new features through CodeConfig and a new Visual Studio extension meant for content-assist. The Spring.NET packages are also now distributed via NuGet, making it much easier for developers to manage dependencies when using them in their projects.

Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service 2.0 Supports New Identity Providers

by Richard Seroter on  Apr 21, 2011 1

At the recent MIX 2011 conference, Microsoft announced updates to its existing cloud-based Access Control Service (ACS) that supports new web-friendly and enterprise-grade identity providers, while beefing up its support for standard communication protocols, improving the developer experience and enhancing the online management portal.

Spring Integration 2.0 Released

by Josh Long on  Dec 06, 2010

SpringSource has just released Spring Integration 2.0. Spring Integration is a lightweight framework to help build event-driven and messaging oriented applications in the familiar Spring style. InfoQ caught up with project lead Mark Fisher to talk to him about the new release.

WAF and Caliburn: 2 WPF Application Frameworks

by Abel Avram on  Aug 19, 2010 1

WPF Application Framework (WAF) and Caliburn are two open source frameworks providing the foundation to developers to write WPF/Silverlight applications based on the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern using a layered architecture.

SourceMate 1.1 for Adobe’s Flash Builder 4 Released

by Dio Synodinos on  Jul 22, 2010 2

SourceMate is a companion tool for Flash and Flex developers that adds support for code generation, refactoring, code templates, metadata tags and more. Release 1.1 features improvements like customization of the code that SourceMate generates and improved stack traces.

How RESTful Are Web Frameworks That Claim REST Support?

by Dilip Krishnan on  Jul 13, 2010 16

There are plenty of web services platforms/application frameworks available today that support RESTful services to varying degrees. In a recent post Stefan Tilkov puts out a list of criteria that can serve as a starting point in evaluating these frameworks and platforms.

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