Closing the Gap Between Apps and Ops

Posted by Jake Sorofman  on  Oct 07, 2009 1

Jake Sorofman talks on how to glue together the application development world and the business operations one in an automated, virtualized and cloud computing environment where everything moves faster than ever.

Computing Strategy in the Cloud Era

Posted by Lew Moorman  on  Sep 23, 2009 1

Lew Moorman is an advocate of the cloud. For him the Cloud is a movement and a technology, the Cloud is for everyone but not for everything, and the Cloud should be part of a computing strategy.

Securing A Cloud Infrastructure

Posted by George Reese  on  Aug 06, 2009

George Reese discusses the number one challenge faced by cloud computing - security. He discusses transparency, credential management, and identity management, intrusion detection, perimeter security, compliance, and the "biggest security hole in the cloud - the custom Web application." The nature of each concern along with appropriate responses are discussed.

Harnessing the Cloud

Posted by Mike West  on  Jul 28, 2009

Mr. West provides a detailed view of cloud computing and how it can be harnessed for the benefit of the enterprise. Issues covered include: agile economies, mobile knowledge workers, global organizations, virtual integration, mobile devices, speed of response, economics of cloud computing, cloud technology considerations, and the evolving cloudscape.

GluCon: Post-it Notes (mini-Keynotes)

Posted by Fulkerson, Durand, Marcoullier & Coffee  on  Jul 21, 2009

This presentation is a collection of five fifteen-minute mini-keynotes (called post-it notes) presented at the Glue conference in Denver, 2009. All presentations focused on aspects of "gluing together" web applications, with Fulkerson talking about WOA, and most of the others presenting various ideas about identity and sharing / assuring identity across sites and applications.

Building Context Aware Services using Identity as Foundation

Posted by Phil Windley  on  Jul 14, 2009

This presentation explores the issue of context automation, the forces driving it (clouds, extensible browsers, internet identities) and then focuses on issues of identity and how identity services augment context and facilitate using features of the cloud and extensible browsers to provide a richer and more secure user experience.

Bindings, Platforms, and Innovation

Posted by Bob Frankston  on  Jul 02, 2009

Bob Frankston offers a vision of the Internet that focuses on communication and connection uninhibited by artificial barriers like carrier exclusivity, arbitrary differences in protocols, and vendor constraints. He uses stories as his organizing and presentational metaphor to share a vision of what could be, if we had free reign to follow our imagination.

Keynote: From Margin to Mainstream - Innovation, Disruption and the Future of the Web

Posted by Mitch Kapor  on  Jun 25, 2009

In this keynote, Mitch Kapor, looks back at disruptive technologies, like the PC, and derives insights which he then uses to project a possible future for the Web, including the "social web," 'data scarcity and data abundance," and "startups on the cheap.

Gossamer and Glue: Weaving the Loosely Coupled Web

Posted by Phil Wainewright  on  Jun 18, 2009

In this session recorded at Glue Conference in May, Phil Wainewright talks about the changing web and the fact software technologists need to adapt to face the new challenges: elaborating the right contracts, discovering the necessary resource in a world full of resources, and creating a business case adaptable to change.

Gluing together the web via the Facebook Platform

Posted by Josh Elman  on  Jun 05, 2009 1

Facebook offers an open standards platform for creating social network applications. Josh Elman discusses the concept of social networking and how the Facebook platform addresses issues of identity, of social graphing, and sharing (via its Open Stream API). His presentation explored the nature of a social graph and the "virtuous cylcle of sharing."

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