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  • Book Excerpt and Interview: Pro HTML5 Programming

    by Dio Synodinos on  Aug 21, 2010 2

    Pro HTML5 Programming, by Peter Lubbers, Brian Albers, Frank Salim, is a book that aims to help developers build HTML5 applications that tap the full potential of modern browsers. The main areas of focus are: Communication APIs, Canvas API, Geolocation API, Web Sockets API, Web Storage API, Web Workers API and HTML5 Audio and Video.

  • Virtual Panel: New JavaScript Frameworks Targeting HTML5

    by Dio Synodinos on  Jun 17, 2010 4

    During the last year, HTML5 has gained general acceptance as one of the dominant development platforms for both the classic and the mobile Web. In that time new JavaScript frameworks have evolved that directly target this platform and attempt to set a new paradigm for Web development.

  • Book Excerpt and Interview: Deploying HTML5

    by Abel Avram on  May 06, 2010 1

    Deploying HTML5 is a book written by Aditya Yadav, a former Sr. Architect for ThoughtWorks and actual CTO of a consultancy firm, explaining the HTML5 standard components, showing how they are implemented across major browsers and providing code samples for using them.

How HTML5 Web Sockets Interact With Proxy Servers

Posted by Peter Lubbers on  Mar 16, 2010

Peter Lubbers explains in this article how HTML5 Web Sockets interact with proxy servers, and what proxy configuration or updates are needed for the Web Sockets traffic to go through. 11

Virtual Panel: Evolution of JavaScript Frameworks for HTML 5

Posted by Dio Synodinos on  May 08, 2009

In this virtual panel the creators and core developers of Dojo, YUI, Prototype,, MooTools and GWT talk about the evolution of JavaScript for the new API's that are exposed with HTML 5 2

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