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Book Review: Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef - Second Edition by Matthias Marschall Posted on Feb 17, 2014 The second edition of Stephen Nelson-Smith's book "Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef" covers the principles behind "Infrastructure as Code", provides an introduction to Ruby, Chef, and important Tools. The main part consists of detailed examples on how to use the tools required to write fully tested infrastructure code.

A Test Strategy for Enterprise Integration Points by Jeff Xiong, David Yin and Pengfei Cui Posted on Jul 01, 2013 This article introduces a commonly applicable testing strategy for integration points, which improves the coverage, speed, reliability and reproducibility of testing, and thus could be used as a reference for implementing and testing integration-heavy applications. 3

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Jeremy Pollack of on Test-driven Development and More by Jeremy Pollack Posted on Feb 15, 2014 Hadoop, the distributive file system and MapReduce are just a few of the topics covered in this interview recorded live at QCon San Francisco 2013. Industry-standard Agile implementation and a lot of testing, assures the development team at that they have an app that can handle the large traffic demands of the popular genealogy site.

Brian Marick on Test Maintenance by Brian Marick Posted on Dec 03, 2010 Brian Marick discusses the difficulties met trying to maintain tests that are vital to a project’s success, and how mocking frameworks can help, providing advice on writing unit and integration tests 1

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Creating a Walking Skeleton by Paul Grenyer Posted on Feb 05, 2013 Paul Grenyer discusses why and how to create a Walking Skeleton - an implementation of the thinnest possible slice of real functionality that we can automatically build, deploy and test end-to-end.

Integration Tests Are a Scam by J.B. Rainsberger Posted on Sep 10, 2009 Integration tests are a scam. You’re probably writing 2-5% of the integration tests you need to test thoroughly. You’re probably duplicating unit tests all over the place. Your integration tests probably duplicate each other all over the place. When an integration test fails, who knows what’s broken? Learn the two-pronged attack that solves the problem: collaboration tests and contract tests. 32

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