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Android Developers Are Recommended to Switch from Eclipse to Android Studio 1.0 by Abel Avram Posted on Dec 10, 2014

JetBrains Releases AppCode 3.1 Preview with Improved Swift Support by Matt McComb Posted on Nov 19, 2014

WebStorm 9 Supports Meteor, React and Polymer by Abel Avram Posted on Oct 22, 2014

JetBrains CLion, a C/C++ IDE, and ReSharper for C++ by Abel Avram Posted on Sep 09, 2014

JetBrains 0xDBE: A Tool for DBAs and SQL Developers by Abel Avram Posted on Jun 10, 2014

IntelliJ 13 Released by Victor Grazi Posted on Dec 23, 2013 3

WebStorm 7.0 Adds Support for Even More Web Technologies by Abel Avram Posted on Sep 26, 2013

Oracle Resurrects getCallerClass, At Least for Now by Victor Grazi Posted on Aug 05, 2013 2

Scarce Resources Hampering Bug Fixing in Eclipse by Victor Grazi Posted on Jul 29, 2013 2

Android Studio: A New IDE from Google Based on IntelliJ IDEA by Abel Avram Posted on May 16, 2013 4

IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 Lands with JavaFX 2.0 Support by Charles Humble Posted on Apr 16, 2013

Version 5 of Programmer's Text Editor jEdit Released with Support for Scala and Dart by Kostis Kapelonis Posted on Dec 27, 2012 3

JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 12 by Abel Avram Posted on Dec 07, 2012

Kotlin Open Sourced by Alex Blewitt Posted on Feb 14, 2012 3

IntelliJ IDEA 11 - What is New by Fabian Lange Posted on Feb 02, 2012 3

JetBrains Release IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 With Full Java 7 Support by Charles Humble Posted on May 20, 2011

JetBrains Releases Intellij IDEA 10 by Tim Cull Posted on Dec 23, 2010 1

JetBrains MPS 1.1: Performance Improvements and Easier Debugging by Michael Hunger Posted on Mar 23, 2010

Bundle.update: OSGi in Java EE, JSR 294 Marked Inactive by Alex Blewitt Posted on Dec 11, 2009 1

Bundle.update: the Current State of OSGi by Alex Blewitt Posted on Oct 16, 2009 3

IntelliJ Goes Open Source by Scott Delap Posted on Oct 15, 2009 10

All In One IDE Released by Craig Wickesser Posted on Nov 23, 2008 4

IntelliJ IDEA's Dependency Structure Matrix Tool Visualizes Architecture by Michael Bushe Posted on Feb 12, 2008 2

Scalability: Dynamic and Static Programming Languages by Sadek Drobi Posted on Feb 08, 2008 8

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Becoming Productive Groovy/Grails and Spring Developer with IntelliJ IDEA by Andrey Cheptsov Posted on Feb 20, 2014 Andrey Cheptsov explores some of the IntelliJ IDEA’s tricky features helping Groovy&Grails developers to be more productive.

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JetBrains Developer Tools by Michael Hunger Posted on Nov 25, 2010 JetBrains is one of the few companies that thrives selling developer tools. In this interview you get some insight in their strategies, current and new products and future plans. 5

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Rod Johnson discusses the Spring Portfolio by Rod Johnson Posted on Feb 08, 2008 In this interview from QCon San Francisco, SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson discusses the origins and philosophy of Spring, the Spring Portfolio, Spring Web Flow, Spring Batch, Spring.Net, the partnership with Tasktop Technologies, and community involvement and utilization of Spring. 4

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What's Your Technology Stack to Create Mobile Apps? Since the impact of mobile applications is ubiquitous in the whole it industry, there are numerous ways to create an app. In this community-driven research initiative, we are examining the importance and adoption level of different tools and toolstacks to create a mobile application. 5
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