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  • Use of Kanban in the Operations Team at Spotify

    by Michael Prokop, Mattias Jansson on  Sep 14, 2010 1

    In this article, InfoQ spoke with Mattias Jansson, Operations Engineer at Spotify (an online music streaming service) about the adoption of Kanban by the Spotify Operations team. Jansson offered a lot of detail about the choice to adopt Kanban as well as the experiences that the Operations team at Spotify has gained while implementing a Kanban-based approach to dealing with their workload.

  • Agile Lessons from a Management Guru

    by Ahmed Yousuf on  Sep 08, 2009 2

    Deming was one of a select group of thought leaders who have shaped modern management over the last century. He is best known for the impact he had on Japanese businesses with his teachings on design, manufacturing, sales and quality. The first three of Deming's fourteen points are examined in detail in the context of Agile software development.

  • The Current Direction of Agile

    by Jon Arild Tørresdal on  Aug 19, 2009 15

    This article focuses on some of the recent trends within the Agile community by briefly describing some alternatives to today’s well known Agile processes. Particularly focusing on estimation, forecasting deliverables and the increased impact Lean manufacturing has had on the Agile community.

Pulling Power: A New Software Lifespan

Posted by Liz Keogh on  May 27, 2009

Elizabeth Keogh suggests how to identify the most important software, reduce unnecessary artifacts at each stage of development, and produce the minimum necessary to achieve a vision. 15

Lean and Agile: Marriage Made in Heaven or Oxymoron?

Posted by Dave West on  Feb 13, 2009

Dave West argues that backlogs are an essential element and not "waste" as currently argued by some in the Lean community. 33

An Introduction to Lean Thinking for Software

Posted by Jacky Li on  Jun 23, 2008

For developers and leaders only familiar with Scrum or XP, Lean may be a bit of a mystery. Here's an introduction to Lean Thinking and how it enhances software development. 7

The Three M's - The Lean Triad

Posted by Roman Pichler on  Feb 27, 2008

Lean thinking aims to reduce waste (in Japanese: muda), overburden (muri) and unnecessary variation (mura). Roman Pichler proposes addressing overburden as the first step toward a leaner process. 8

Kanban Applied to Software Development: from Agile to Lean

Posted by Kenji Hiranabe on  Jan 14, 2008

Many teams optimize only a portion of the software value stream, but Kenji Hiranabe shows how we can adapt Lean Manufacturing's Kanban tracking system for communication with more of the organization. 8

Visualizing Agile Projects using Kanban Boards

Posted by Kenji Hiranabe on  Aug 27, 2007

Kenji Hiranabe shows how to track project status using Kanban Boards from three viewpoints (Time, Task, and Team) to enhance self-organization and collaboration. 14

AgileAdvert Video Winners Announced

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Aug 20, 2007

"So you want to be a famous Agilist?" The 2007 AgileAdvert contest winner was announced at Agile2007 last week: it is "Matthew", sadly a victim of "Developer Abuse". See all the winners here!

"Real Options" Underlie Agile Practices

Posted by Chris Matts and Olav Maassen on  Jun 08, 2007

"Freedom to choose" underlies many Agile practices. We avoid early commitments to gain flexibility later. The authors propose "Real Options," a thinking tool to help develop and refine new practices. 45

Book Excerpt: Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash

Posted by Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck on  Sep 18, 2006

In 2003 Mary and Tom Poppendieck adapted the principles of Lean manufacturing for software development. Now their second book offers practical help for readers implementing Lean software development. 6

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