• Is Agile Sub-Optimal?

    by Terry Bunio on  Dec 05, 2011 23

    Lean has the concept of a Sub-Optimal process. A Sub-Optimal process is where a part of the process is optimized to the detriment of the entire process’s efficiency. Are Agile practices creating projects that are in danger of being or becoming Sub-Optimal? What Agile practices are contributing to projects becoming Sub-Optimal? What can we do ensure our projects do not become Sub-optimal?

  • Social + Lean = Agile

    by Dave Duggal on  Nov 16, 2011 7

    In today’s increasingly dynamic business environment, organizations must continuously adapt to survive. Change management has become a major bottleneck. Organizations’ need a practical mechanism for managing controlled variance and change in-flight to break the logjam. This paper provides a foundation for applying lean and agile principles to achieve Enterprise Agility through social collaboration

  • Organizational Culture and Agile: Does it fit?

    by Todd Charron on  Sep 26, 2011 4

    Recently, Agile Coach Michael Sahota has been exploring the impacts of organizational culture on Agile transformations. We caught up with Michael and asked him to answer a few questions for our readers.

Naresh Jain: Dealing with Change in an Evolving Contextual World

Posted by Naresh Jain on  Aug 24, 2011

Agile is a great starting place, it is important for organisations and teams to get the fundamentals right; just agile isn't enough for many problems today. Lean Startup is the next logical step. 8

What has happened and is happening in Japan’s Agile movement

Posted by Kenji Hiranabe on  Jul 15, 2011

Kenji Hiranabe discusses the current state of Agile in Japan, and reflects on the influence that Japanese approaches (such as the Toyota Production System) have had on the Agile movement. 1

The Curse of the Change Control Mechanism

Posted by Susan Atkinson & Gabrielle Benefield on  May 11, 2011

The Evolutionary Contract Model offers new ways to write contracts for innovative/complex product development that accommodate change and help avoid “The Curse of the Change Control Mechanism”. 4

IT And Architecture: Inside-Out Perspectives

Posted by Bruce Laidlaw and Michael Poulin on  Jan 03, 2011

Bruce Laidlaw and Michael Poulin - each with more than 30 years of experience compared notes on the past and present of IT and provide insights on what the software industry needs, to make progress. 20

Estimation Toolkit

Posted by James King on  Dec 28, 2010

If you write software for a living, eventually someone is going to ask you – “When will you be done?” The estimation techniques described in this article can help you answer that question. 7

Doing Kanban Wrong

Posted by Tim Wingfield on  Dec 22, 2010

Many people who try Kanban end up doing it all wrong and then blame Kanban for their mistakes. This article discusses some common ways Kanban can be misused and how to avoid those mistakes. 3

Use of Kanban in the Operations Team at Spotify

Posted by Michael Prokop, Mattias Jansson on  Sep 14, 2010

Mattias Jansson, Operations Engineer at Spotify, discusses the adoption of Kanban by the Spotify Operations team and experiences gained during the implementation and use of Kanban. 1

Agile Lessons from a Management Guru

Posted by Ahmed Yousuf on  Sep 08, 2009

This article takes a look at Edward Deming's work and it's applicability to Agile methods. 2

The Current Direction of Agile

Posted by Jon Arild Tørresdal on  Aug 19, 2009

Jon Arild Tørresdal takes us on a tour of the new processes that have evolved in the Agile community. 15

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