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Ashley Johnson on Personal Agility and Setting Higher Standards

Posted by Ashley Johnson on  Oct 01, 2010 4

Ashley Johnson shares his views on Agile development, in particular the move toward “Personal Agility.” Johnson says it is not possible to have an Agile organization of any scale without having the individuals behave in an Agile manner. Part of Personal Agility is about taking responsibility and approaching others as humans rather than obstacles. Johnson also discussed the Scrum vs. Kanban debate.

Joshua Kerievsky Calls for Developer Performance Metrics

Posted by Joshua Kerievsky on  Aug 11, 2010 11

In this interview, Joshua Kerievsky, founder of Industrial Logic, discusses the need for developer performance metrics to enable organizations to determine the capabilities of developers. He also discusses his project known as the Limited Red Society. The goal of the Limited Red Society is to help developers limit the amount of time their code is in the red.

Arlo Belshee and James Shore on Minimum Marketable Features

Posted by Arlo Belshee and James Shore on  Aug 05, 2010

Arlo Belshee and James Shore, both Gordan Pask Award winners, discuss their experiences and thoughts regarding continuous flow (i.e. without iterations) agile development practices and techniques. They discuss many well known and not-so-well known practices such as naked planning, kanban, the detective's blackboard, and MMFs and provide insight into how these practices affect success.

David Anderson Talks Kanban, Agile and the Lean Software and Systems Consortium

Posted by David Anderson on  Jun 09, 2010

David Anderson discusses using the Kanban concept to make software development more efficient, the use of Kanban in both a large enterprise organization and as a consultant, how Kanban (in association with related systems such as CONWIP and Drum-Buffer-Rope) is catching on in the industry and helping developers improve predictability of their software, and the Lean Software and Systems Consortium.

Mary and Tom Poppendieck on Lean Software

Posted by Mary and Tom Poppendieck on  Jun 01, 2010 1

Mary and Tom discuss the history of Lean, and what they feel are the most important things for software teams and organizations to thrive.Results are not the point, the point is growing your people, converting them into effective problem solvers who are relentlessly improving. If everybody in the organization is a problem solver, you'll get steadily better and better.

Jim Coplien: Why DCI is the Right Architecture for Right Now

Posted by Jim Coplien on  May 29, 2010 2

Jim Coplien, co-creator of Data, Context and Interaction (DCI) architecture, covers a variety of topics including DCI, the importance of language support for DCI and the state of Agile development. Coplien has championed the DCI architecture with Trygve ReensKaug, the inventor of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which separates data and its processing from presentation.

Mary Poppendieck Introduces the Book "Leading Lean Software Development"

Posted by Mary Poppendieck on  Feb 10, 2010 1

Mary Poppendieck talks about her last book "Leading Lean Software Development", a book for the product, program and all C-level managers, showing them how to apply agile principles and practices starting from the realization that development teams are not successful if they are not in the same boat with their managers.

Henrik Kniberg on Different Agile Processes

Posted by Henrik Kniberg on  Jan 23, 2010 6

Henrik Kniberg discusses the differences among different Agile processes such as Scrum, XP, and Kanban. He shares the thought that processes wars are meaningless and we need to see each process as a tool; there are no bad tools; just tools used for the wrong purpose.

Interview: Joshua Kerievsky on System Metaphor

Posted by Joshua Kerievsky on  Oct 13, 2009

In this interview at Agile 2009, Joshua Kerievsky describes how his team was able to transform their software development project once they found and used an appropriate system metaphor. Joshua also shares how his development team has let go of many traditional practices and continues to refine their skills such that they are delivering more value regularly.

Lean Organizations to Support Agile Teams

Posted by Robin Dymond on  Apr 07, 2009 1

Robin Dymond gives an overview of Lean, how it can help take Agile to the 'next level' and why organizations that fail to change will not have successful Agile teams. Robin describes an organizational mismatch between traditional hierarchies and team structures. He believes that organizations will need to reorganize around teams to get the most out of Agile.

Interview: Mary and Tom Poppendieck on using Lean for Competitive Advantage

Posted by Mary and Tom Poppendieck on  Feb 21, 2007 3

Lean software gurus Mary and Tom Poppendieck share their years of practical experience, as they speak on the history of Lean thinking, the value of fast delivery and deferred committment, their use of Value Stream Mapping to identify and reduce waste, the importance of identifying and dealing well with cross-organizational and inter-organizational boundaries, and how Lean relates to RUP and Scrum.

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