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Containers in the Real World - Stepping Off the Hype Curve by Daniel Bryant Posted on Apr 17, 2016 This article series explains how containers are actually being used within the enterprise. It dives into the core technology behind containers and how this is currently being used by developers, examines core challenges with deploying containers in the enterprise and the future of containerisation, and discusses the role unikernels are currently playing within leading-edge organisations.

"Using Docker" Book Review and Q&A with Author Adrian Mouat by Daniel Bryant Posted on Apr 02, 2016 InfoQ recently sat down with Adrian Mouat, author of “Using Docker”, and explored the motivations for writing the book, his thoughts on the reasons why Docker has captured the IT industry’s attention such as short time span, and how containers can be best utilised within a typical software development lifecycle.

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Jessica Frazelle on Working at Docker by Jessica Frazelle Posted on Mar 29, 2015 Jessica Frazelle tells InfoQ what it's like to work at Docker open source, what are some of the goals for Docker Inc in the near future and the rational between Docker's clustering solution (Swarm).

Chris Mattmann on Big Data Infrastructure for Scientific Data Processing by Chris Mattmann Posted on Apr 15, 2014 Chris Mattmann explains the type and magnitude of data produced in scientific projects like the Square Kilometer Array Telescope, the tools to use for scientific data processing and much more.

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