Online Resources to Learn Apple's Swift Language

by Sergio De Simone on Jun 05, 2014 |

Apple introduction of Swift, a new programming language for the OS X and iOS platform, has sparked some interest from the developers' community. In just a couple of days, almost 500 questions have been already asked on Stack Overflow, while a GitHub query shows that there are already about 350 repositories written in Swift.

For anyone interested in learning about the language, the Web offers useful resources to start:

  • The Swift Programming Language

    Apple has made freely available on iTunes "The Swift Language Reference" ebook. Accessing iTunes requires an Apple device, though, but there is a chance to learn the language for anyone else, too. The same content is indeed also available on Apple website in HTML format. Given the novelty of the language, this ebook is definitely the fundamental resource and covers all the aspects of the language, including interoperability with C/Objective-C.

  • Swift Language Highlights

    From, a short presentation of some of the new features that Swift introduces from the perspective of an Objective-C programmer: type inference, generics, switch statements, and constness.

  • How to use Objective-C Classes in Swift

    Step by step guide by Mark Petherbridge describing how you go about creating a bridging header to be able to use an Objective-C class from Swift.

  • Developing iOS Apps Using Swift

    A five-part series tutorial by Jameson Quave to start developing iOS apps with Swift from the ground up. The tutorial covers the following topics: creating an "hello world" app; making web API requests and parsing the resulting JSON; best practices using protocols and delegates; interactive table views; async image loading and caching.


    A collection of learning resources about the Swift language organized according to their audience (beginner, intermediate, advanced), also including a selection of interesting projects from GitHub.

  • Swift language cheat sheet

    Another resource from summarizing the most important Swift syntax in one page. It covers: class implementation, methods declaration, object instantiation/use, variable declaration, control flow, strings/array/dictionary quick examples.

  • So So Swift

    A large collection of resources, including tutorials, videos, and repositories, listed in chronological order.

  • Swift vs. Scala Comparison Sheet

    Comparison between Swift and Scala syntaxes covering control flow structures, expressions, declarations, patterns, and types.

  • C# vs. Swift Syntax Comparison

    A basic comparison of C# and Swift Syntax. Also, don't miss the discussion on r/programming.


    Another site collecting Swift resources. It gives access to Apple's "The Swift Programming Language Book" in MOBI, PDF, and ePub formats. Furthermore, it includes a community section for developers to share thoughts and source code.

You can also find a background introduction to the language and its relationship with the LLVM compiler in this Alex Blewitt's post on InfoQ.

Swift can presently only be used from within the Xcode 6 developer preview that Apple has published for all developers registered with an Apple Developer Program.

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There is one more community by niu tech

You can find all the resources and discussions at swiftlang,eu

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Another resource for Swift Tutorials by Swift Tuts

We provide another resource for Swift Tutorials on Please add it to your list. Any feedback is welcome!

Swift Dev Weekly by Ralf Rottmann

I'd love it you could add Swift Dev Weekly at .

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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