Sails 0.8.9: A Rails-Inspired Real-Time Node MVC Framework

by Tim Heckel on  Apr 13, 2013 4

Version 0.8.9 of Sails, a real-time MVC framework built atop node.js, was released on April 9th by Austin, TX-based Balderdash in an ongoing effort to bring a Rails-like development platform to modern web apps

Got Node? AWS Latest Cloud to Offer Node.js Application Services

by Richard Seroter on  Mar 29, 2013

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) team recently added support for Node.js to its Elastic Beanstalk service, giving it an industry-leading set of supported platforms. AWS has joined a crowded field of Node.js-friendly clouds and will attempt to differentiate themselves through integration with other top AWS services.

Edge.js Combines Node.js with .NET

by Jeff Martin on  Mar 22, 2013

The Edge.js project combines Node.js with the .NET platform. Developers can use C# on Node.js or provide Node.js functionality to C# applications-- allowing them to use the best tool for each task. InfoQ had the opportunity to speak with author Tomasz Janczuk about the project and his future plans.

A New Streaming API for Node.js

by James Campos on  Jan 21, 2013

Node.js, the server-side JavaScript platform built on top of Google’s V8 engine, has included a new Streaming API in its unstable 0.9.4 release. Nicknamed "streams2", it is scheduled to be included in the 0.10 stable release.

Cloud Foundry Core: Portability Across Cloud Foundry Vendors

by Kostis Kapelonis on  Nov 28, 2012

Cloud Foundry Core is a web application that verifies public instances (Cloud Foundry Endpoints) against a common set of runtimes and services. This helps portability across companies that provide Cloud Foundry instances. At the same time a new version Micro Cloud Foundry is released with support for Java 7.0, JRuby, Play 2.0 framework and more.

ACE, a Web-based Code Editor, Reaches 1.0

by Abel Avram on  Sep 19, 2012

The embeddable open source web-based code editor ACE has reached version 1.0, coming with support for editing very large files, syntax highlighting for 45 languages, TextMate themes, Emacs and Vi key bindings, and other features.

Node Gets Faster, More Stable

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Jul 02, 2012

Node.js 0.8 is out. It is faster, more stable, has major improvements in the Cluster module, a new Domain module and a new build that depends on GYP.

Node.js Gets SQL Server Driver, Better Windows Tooling

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Jun 14, 2012

Microsoft continues to invest in Node.js, this time by introducing a new, open source SQL Server Driver and new Node-specific features in WebMatrix.

Travis CI Announces Support for Java and Plans for Travis Pro

by Manuel Pais on  Feb 23, 2012 2

Travis CI, a cloud-based continuous integration (CI) offering for open source projects on Github, has announced support for Java builds, as well as Scala and Groovy additions. After gaining traction among the Ruby open source community the project is now looking into the possibility of expansion to a hosted CI service (nicknamed Travis Pro).

WebStorm 3.0: JetBrains Provides a More Complete JavaScript IDE

by Abel Avram on  Dec 21, 2011 3

WebStorm 3.0 adds support for Node.js, CoffeeScript, JSLint, JavaScript Unit Testing and includes enhancements of the JavaScript and XSLT debuggers.

Windows Azure Gets Node.js, SQL Azure Federation, Increased DB Limits

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Dec 14, 2011

Windows Azure team announced major updates including support for Node.js, better scalability for SQL Azure through Federation and higher individual DB Size limits (upto 150 GB), a limited preview for Hadoop and more.

Engine Yard Adds Node.js Support

by Werner Schuster on  Nov 18, 2011 6

Engine Yard joins the growing number of hosters with Node.js support. InfoQ talked to Dr Nic Williams about the nature of the Node.js support and more.

Node.js Now Runs Natively on Windows

by Abel Avram on  Nov 11, 2011

Node.js can now run on Windows without Cygwin, the performance being significantly improved both on Windows and UX systems.

InvokeDynamic and Javascript: New Compiler Dyn.js, Oracle Nashorn and Rhino

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 02, 2011

Dyn.js is a new implementation of Javascript for Java. It makes use of Java 7's new features for dynamic languages (invokedynamic, Method Handles). InfoQ talked to dyn.js creator Douglas Campos about the reasons to create another Javascript for the JVM (next to Rhino and the announced Oracle Nashorn) and implementation details of dyn.js.

Facebook and Heroku Announce Partnership

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Sep 15, 2011

Today, Facebook and Heroku announced an integration between the their respective developer platforms that simplifies the development of Facebook Apps. With just a few clicks, you can select your language and configure which type of App you want to develop (Web Site, Canvas or Page Tab).

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