Presentation: Bob Martin's Principles of Agile Design

by Kurt Christensen on  Jan 30, 2007

Bob Martin of Object Mentor presents the first of his five principles of agile design. Beginning with an explanation of the real purpose of object-oriented design - the management of dependencies - Bob walks through a code example to illustrate how dependencies can be managed with abstractions, and that good designs are those in which high-level abstractions do not depend on low-level details.

Five Habits of Highly Effective Software Developers

by Floyd Marinescu on  Aug 24, 2006 1

What are some of the code-level practices of highly effective developers? Robert Miller wrote a detailed article on Java.NET covering 5 practices which could apply to any language, including minimalist constructors, methods with clear focus and intent, minimizing logic in mutating methods, and minimizing dependendies between behaviour methods.

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