• Preparing for Your First MongoDB Deployment: Capacity Planning and Monitoring

    by Mat Keep on  Oct 08, 2013

    In this article, author Mat Keep discusses the deployment best practices of MongoDB databases with focus on capacity planning and monitoring aspects. He also explains the topics like hardware selection, key metrics for monitoring and when it’s time to add shards.

  • Cloud and DevOps: A Marriage Made in Heaven

    by Jeff Sussna on  Oct 02, 2013

    What is the relationship between Cloud Computing and DevOps? Is DevOps really just “IT for the Cloud”? Can you only do DevOps in the cloud? Can you only do cloud using DevOps? The answer to all three questions is “no”. Cloud and DevOps are independent but mutually reinforcing strategies for delivering business value through IT.

  • Keeping Your Secrets

    by Dennis Sosnoski on  Sep 30, 2013 2

    Dennis Sosnoski explains how supposedly-secure connections can be downgraded to the point where they are easily broken and how even at full strength most forms of encryption are vulnerable to data capture and later decryption if your private keys are exposed. In this article you'll learn some ways of making it more difficult for anyone to see or alter your data exchanges.

Docker: Using Linux Containers to Support Portable Application Deployment

Posted by Zef Hemel on  Sep 26, 2013

Docker is an open source tool to run applications inside of a Linux container, a kind of light-weight virtual machine. 2

Cloud PCI Compliance: The Checklist

Posted by Gilad Parann-Nissany on  Sep 25, 2013

To protect against hacks that lead to theft of business data, best practices are set forth in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Follow these 12 steps for a secure payment environment. 1

How to Make Your In-memory NoSQL Datastores Enterprise-Ready

Posted by Yiftach Schoolman on  Sep 24, 2013

In this article, author Yiftach Schoolman outlines how to overcome the top seven challenges associated with managing the in-memory NoSQL datastores in the cloud. 3

Virtual Panel: Adjusting to Development in the Cloud

Posted by Richard Seroter on  Sep 20, 2013

Developers are building experience with an array of cloud environments. InfoQ spoke with 3 thoughts leaders about the state of cloud development, recommended tools, anti-patterns, and getting started. 1

IT Architecture Design Framework: ADMIT

Posted by Suman K Pradhan on  Sep 18, 2013

ADMIT is a framework composed of decision points used when crafting any IT based architecture, whether Enterprise, System, Infrastructure, or Software. 5

Book Review: Vagrant up and running

Posted by Matthias Marschall on  Sep 06, 2013

Mitchell Hashimoto released his book "Vagrant up and running" which covers everything from basic Vagrant usage to extending its functionality.

Interview with Kevin Nilson on Cloud Monitoring and Mobile Testing

Posted by Sai Yang on  Sep 05, 2013

Managing a cloud environment isn't the same as managing internal servers. On JavaOne Shanghai 2013, Kevin Nilson, the VP of Engineering at, explained the differences and best practices.

Preparing for Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise

Posted by Andrew Phillips on  Aug 28, 2013

In this article you will find guidance on how to get started realizing a Continuous Delivery vision, especially in the context of existing development and release environments in large enterprises.

Book Review: DevOps for Developers

Posted by Manuel Pais on  Aug 16, 2013

Despite its title, “DevOps for Developers” is an introductory level book for anyone interested in DevOps, focusing on three perspectives: Metrics and Measurement View, Process View and Technical View. 1

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