Java7 Hotspot Loop Bug Details

by Alex Blewitt on  Aug 01, 2011 3

Last week, Oracle released Java7 to great acclaim. However, an issue identified by the Apache Lucene project pointed to a specific hotspot optimisation bug which kicks in when a loop is executed more than 10,000 times. How serious is this issue, and does it warrant the kind of negative press that has been played out over the last few days?

Microsoft Releases Java-Friendly Interop Bindings for WCF Services

by Richard Seroter on  Jun 29, 2011

In June, Microsoft released a set of open-source configurations to accelerate interoperability between Microsoft’s WCF platform and leading Java-based web service stacks. WCF bindings, which define transport details for invoking or consuming WCF services, are now available for Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Metro, IBM WebSphere and Apache Axis2.

JavaSE 7 JSR Approved Despite Division

by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 08, 2011 3

Oracle has announced that the JavaSE 7 governing JSR (336) has passed the public review ballot. Google voted against the vote, Werner Keil abstained, and no vote was received from Credit Suisse. Many others adding their concerns regarding the ongoing licensing dispute between Sun/Oracle and Apache.

Google and Oracle Case Reduced

by Alex Blewitt on  May 05, 2011

The legal case between Google and Oracle has been reduced in scope, just as Oracle subpoenas Apache to provide information about the Harmony project.

Oracle Coherence 3.7's Elastic Data Offers Transparent Overflow from Memory to Solid State Storage

by Charles Humble on  Apr 18, 2011 9

Oracle has today released version 3.7 of Coherence, its distributed in-memory data grid. The new product introduces a feature called Elastic Data. According to Cameron Purdy, Vice President of Development for the Coherence product, this allows near memory speed access to data, regardless of storage medium.

IcedRobot – An OpenJDK-based Fork of Android

by Abel Avram on  Feb 14, 2011 4

A team of developers has announced the intent to fork Android in order to create a new OS based on OpenJDK, escaping Oracle’s patent lawsuits, to make it run on other platforms and operating systems, and to bring it to the desktop.

Oracle Releases Hotfix for the Double.parseDouble Bug in Record Time

by Charles Humble on  Feb 10, 2011 2

Oracle has released a hotfix for a recently re-discovered decade-old bug in the Java platform which could be used for denial of service attacks on servers. The fix was issued in record time.

Amazon Will Offer Oracle Database 11g on RDS

by Abel Avram on  Feb 01, 2011

Amazon will offer Oracle Database 11g on RDS which brings patching, backup, replication, and failover support to Oracle’s database.

Oracle Nominates SouJava to Replace Apache on the JCP EC

by Charles Humble on  Jan 31, 2011

Oracle has announced plans to nominate one of the world's largest Java user groups, SouJava, to the JCP Executive Committee

Android Java Copyright Infringements?

by Alex Blewitt on  Jan 24, 2011 1

A post on Friday claimed that the Android source tree contained more proprietary or decompiled code. What impact will this have to the Oracle vs Google case?

Apache Software Foundation Resigns from JCP

by Alex Blewitt on  Dec 10, 2010 44

The Apache Software Foundation announced their resignation from both the JCP Executive Committee as well as the JCP as a whole. They follow recent departures such as Doug Lea in October, who said “I believe that the JCP is no longer a credible specification and standards body”, as well as more recently Tim Peierls, who voted against the Java SE JSRs.

JSRs for Java 7 and Java 8 Approved

by Alex Blewitt on  Dec 07, 2010 6

The results of the recent Java JSRs are in, and all have passed with all but Apache voting consistently against them. Google and Tim Peierls voted against the Java SE 7 and Java SE 8 JSRs, supporting the ongoing licensing issues and field-of-use restrictions for the TCK.

Oracle Announces JSRs for Java 7 and Java 8

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 17, 2010 8

Oracle has announced the umbrella JSRs for Java 7/8, covering a number of the features known from the earlier Plan B. This includes Project Coin for Java 7 and Project Lambda for Java 8, as well as specific reference to OSGi for the Java 8 modularity JSR. But it also includes fields of use restrictions for the JSR TCK. Read on to find out what's included.

Oracle Responds to the Apache Software Foundation

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 16, 2010 8

Oracle has responded to the Apache Software Foundation, saying that voting against Java 7 is a step backwards and that they believe they meet the JSPA. Updated: the Apache Software Foundation says "honour the agreement"

Google Asserts Oracle Patents Invalid

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 12, 2010 3

Google has fired back against Oracle in the ongoing JVM dispute, and is now asserting that the Oracle JVM patents are invalid because of obviousness. Things are just about to get interesting.

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