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  • Visualizing Agile Projects using Kanban Boards

    by Kenji Hiranabe on  Aug 27, 2007 14

    In the spirit of "information radiators and “big visible charts” Kenji Hiranabe proposes using Kanban Boards to organize three viewpoints (Time, Task, and Team) so the whole team understands the current status of the project and can work in an autonomous, motivated and collaborative manner.

  • SOA and Agile: Friends or Foes?

    by Amr Elssamadisy on  Apr 14, 2007 22

    SOA aims at making the entire enterprise agile by using services as the building blocks for applications. Agile software development aims at making organizations agile by introducing practices that increase communication and feedback. Which is right? Which is better? Are we comparing apples and oranges? Can they be used together, and if so, how? Join us in the discussion!

  • Good Agile Karma

    by Gunjan Doshi & Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Jan 25, 2007 3

    Agile relies heavily on discipline, rather than genius. We're told that average teams, even in the early stages, can achieve dramatic performance improvement if they are disciplined. As we do these things, the effects of our words and actions actively create, and re-create over time, the environment in which our teams and projects operate - for good or ill.

Agile: The SOA Hangover Cure

Posted by Carl Ververs on  Jul 31, 2006

Carl Ververs, an expert on SOA Integration writes about the application of "Agile" development philosophies and methodologies in order to build a sustainable and valuable SOA system. 9

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