Preview: 15th SPLC Conference on Software Product Lines

by Michael Stal on  Aug 05, 2011

The International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) is the most important event that covers the full range of Product Line Engineering in software-intensive products. Its 15th incarnation will take place in the Munich City Center from August 21st to August 26th.

Lots of Breaking Changes in Store for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 01, 2011 1

Microsoft bills Dynamics AX as an “enterprise resource planning solution”, but that term is not quite accurate. Like most ERP products, Dynamics AX is more akin to development platforms such as Salesforce than turn-key products that one can simply use. Since changes to the platform offers new opportunities and challenges for enterprise developers, now one of the products being tracked by InfoQ.

One Year of Apache Karaf

by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 17, 2011 1

Apache Karaf has reached one year old today, as a top-level project at Apache. Karaf is a runtime package consisting of an OSGi framework (either Equinox or Felix), a command shell (Felix Gogo) and a number of useful utilities built in by default.

Caucho Resin is Officially Certified Against the Java EE 6 Web Profile

by Kostis Kapelonis on  Jun 08, 2011

Caucho Resin has recently been certified a compliant implementation of the EE 6 Web Profile, starting with version 4.0.17.

Steve Marx Explores Hidden Gems in Windows Azure

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Apr 21, 2011

Steve Marx, Tactical Strategist at Windows Azure, gave a presentation at MIX11 on “10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Windows Azure”, highlighting a list of things that can be done with WA but may not be common knowledge. We got in touch with Steve to ask him more about AppFabric, Startup Tasks, Blob leasing and more -

VMware Unveils Open Source PaaS Cloud Foundry

by Charles Humble on  Apr 12, 2011 4

VMware has today announced the launch of an open source "Platform as a Service" (PaaS), Cloud Foundry.

Oracle Seeking Community Input for JDK 8

by Charles Humble on  Apr 06, 2011

With Java 7 now feature complete, Oracle is asking for input from the community for the next release, scheduled for late 2012. We take a look at what is likely to be in, and the overall direction of travel for Java 8.

IBM Releases New 64-bit Java SDK for z/OS

by Charles Humble on  Mar 23, 2011

IBM has released two new Java 6 SDKs based on its J9 VM, to take advantage of enhancements to z/OS Java security and the new z196 instructions.

GigaSpaces Announces Upcoming Release of It's Second-Generation Cloud-Enablement Platform

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Mar 08, 2011

GigaSpaces announced the launch of its Cloud-enabled Application Platform for Enterprise PaaS & ISV SaaS Enablement at CloudConnect on Monday, March 7. InfoQ caught up with the GigaSpaces team to take a closer look.

Oracle Announces the JDK 7 Developer Preview but Licensing Concerns Persist

by Charles Humble on  Feb 24, 2011

Oracle's Mark Reinhold has announced that the JDK 7 Developer Preview build (milestone 12) is now available and the firm is keen to hear developer feedback. The majority of Java IDEs are also moving rapidly to support the new features of Java 7. However concern has been expressed in some quarters over the pre-release software evaluation license terms.

The Latest Technology Trends as Seen by ThoughtWorks

by Abel Avram on  Feb 04, 2011 2

ThoughtWorks has issued the January 2011 edition (PDF) of their Technology Radar, a document meant to indicate current software technology trends in a concise form.

JDK 7 is Feature Complete

by Charles Humble on  Jan 17, 2011 3

The JDK 7 project says it has shipped the first feature complete build of JDK 7, tracking close to the expected schedule.

Red Hat Acquires PaaS Cloud Provider Makara

by Tim Cull on  Dec 06, 2010 1

This week, Red Hat announced it acquired Makara, a cloud based platform as a service company. Makara is unusual among PaaS providers in that it doesn't have any infrastructure of its own. InfoQ examines some of the details about where Makara differs from other providers.

Writing HTML5 Applications with Google App Engine, Google Closure Library and Clojure

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Nov 09, 2010 1

Stefan Richter, CTO of, explained this week at the Google Developer Day in Munich, his vision for writing rich internet applications using HTML5 and Google App Engine and why he thinks that it will be more difficult to build a client-side component based HTML5 when compared to Server-based page rendering.

VMware's Cloud Application Platform Vision

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Sep 07, 2010 2

Rod Johnson details VMWare's new Cloud Application Platform Vision, vFabric. It is based on all SpringSource assets and VMware's virtualization technology. Now that nearly all major actors of the Cloud are aiming at PaaS, it may be time to ask whether IaaS is "dead"? and whether PaaS will be able get mindshare of most IT organizations?

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