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Leading From A Position Of No Power: A Customer’s Perspective of an Agile Team
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by Alexia Bowers on Oct 30, 2007 |

Last year Agile coach Alexia Bowers walked a mile in a project customer's shoes, and told us how it felt in this Agile2006 Leadership Summit presentation. She stressed the need to strive for creative solutions instead of simply cutting scope.


Alexia "Lex" Bowers co-founded Ternary Software, spearheading its initial adoption of Scrum and XP. As an Agile PM and practitioner she helps teams understand WHY the practices work while working with them, hands on. Lex holds Masters degrees in Software Eng. and in Cognitive and Neural Psych., and is fluent in models of personality type, team dynamics, and organizational theory.

The Agile Alliance organizes an annual international Agile conference, which brings together the key people in the Agile space to talk about techniques and technologies, attitudes and policies, research and experience, and the management and development sides of Agile software development.

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