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An Overview of ANONIZE: A Large-Scale Anonymous Survey System by Susan Hohenberger, Steven Myers, Rafael Pass, Abhi Shelat Posted on Jul 26, 2015 In this article, authors discuss an ad hoc anonymous and secure survey system called Anonize that can be used in applications like university course evaluations, online product reviews, and whistleblowing.

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Paul Fremantle on Security in Internet of Things by Paul Fremantle Posted on May 09, 2015 The Internet of Things is becoming a part of our lives right now - we are measuring health, we are connecting to our cars, we can open our front door while being half-way around the globe. And while we can benefit from all the sensors and actors around us, there is also a big risk of losing control and data. Paul Fremantle shares some knowledge on potential threads and what we can do about them.

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