Measure Agile Productivity in $

by Jon Arild Tørresdal on  Jan 26, 2009 3

Earlier Scott Ambler posted an article of how to measure productivity on agile teams by utilizing acceleration. Recently he followed up with another post where he answers some frequently asked questions related to agile productivity and acceleration. Specifically one question answers how to measure the amount of $ saved by an accelerating team.

Handling Your Team's "Rotten Apple"

by Mike Bria on  Jan 08, 2009 4

Recently there has been an active discussion in the Scrum Development Yahoo Group about handling an "under-performing" team member. In the 130+ response thread, "Rotten apple in Scrum team", talk ranged from advice for the primary question, to talk of team morale and who manages it, to the classic debate of measuring individuals, to distinguishing whether a team is really a "team", and more.

Tips to Improve Retrospectives

by Mark Levison on  Dec 17, 2008

Advice from Esther Derby, George Dinwiddie, Jo Geske, Mike Sutton and Ilja Preuss on how to make retrospectives better. The ideas include tips for the facilitator/Scrum Master and new ways to use the burndown chart.

Is OOP Better for Structuring your Code?

by Sadek Drobi on  Nov 30, 2008 2

Programming languages that offer more power and flexibility have been lately gaining momentum. Johnatan Tang highlights, however, the flexibility vs. productivity tradeoff in terms of program structure. Whereas multi-dispatch languages provide more flexibility in arranging code, traditional object orientation makes organizing programs easier.

Infrastructure Made Easy for Agile Software Teams

by Vikas Hazrati on  Nov 12, 2008 2

Getting the right infrastructure set up is instrumental for the success of Agile software teams. Teams now have the option of deploying a fresh infrastructure using Buildix or using an online workspace provided by Assembla to kick start their project in no time.

Presentation: Measuring Agile in the Enterprise: 5 Success Factors for Large-Scale Agile Adoption

by Abel Avram on  Oct 17, 2008 4

In this presentation filmed during Agile 2008, Michael Mah analyzes the development process in 5 companies: 2 Agile (one of them BMC) and 3 classic. He measures the development progress and effectiveness and compares the results with industry averages. He also presents the factors which contributed to the success of BMC's Agile adoption.

Opinions: Measuring Programmers' Productivity

by Sadek Drobi on  Oct 05, 2008 16

In the field of software development, managers need measurable metrics to appreciate the performance of their programmers. Shahar Yair and Steve McConnell discuss common techniques focusing on source lines of code and function points. They highlight the limitations of these approaches and seek to define some principles that could guide the analysis of programmers’ performance.

Interruption Driven Development

by Vikas Hazrati on  Jul 09, 2008 4

Scrum talks about having minimum disruptions during the sprint. However, in the real world, if the system is already in production, within each sprint there is a strong possibility of getting production support issues. The post tries to uncover some ways to take care of these interruptions with Scrum.

My "Unit Test" Aint Your "Unit Test"

by Mike Bria on  Jun 25, 2008 2

Mike Hill, well-known XP contributor, came forth to make a few interesting assertions about the misunderstanding often surrounding how a TDD "unit test" differs from the "unit test" of traditional lore, and how he uses the term 'microtesting' to clear the air for new TDD'ers.

Lessons for the Agile Community from 8aweek

by Kurt Christensen on  Apr 22, 2008 3

InfoQ recently had the opportunity to ask 8aweek co-founders Dave Fowler and Zachary Garbow some questions about how they connect with users, prioritize work, and get things done.

A Preview of Mingle 2.0

by Ben Hughes on  Apr 11, 2008 2

On April 15th Thoughtworks will release Mingle 2.0, nine months after the initial release of Mingle. InfoQ got some time with product manager Adam Monago to talk through the new functionality provided by Mingle 2.0.

First (Forgotten?) Rule Of The Retrospective: Follow Through

by Mike Bria on  Apr 08, 2008

Even the very greenest of agile teams clearly recognize the word 'Retrospective'. But, alas, it is often overlooked that a retrospective may be a wasted effort if not used to initiate an actual improvement that the team follows through on. Jim Shore gives advice on how to make the most of your retrospective and reminds us of the activity's ultimate place in the agile heartbeat.

Improving Productivity without Formal Metrics

by Mark Levison on  Mar 17, 2008

Ron Jeffries has started writing a series of fictional stories based on his observation of real teams. The first story (Kate Oneal: Productivity) focuses on the character Kate O'Neal (CTO) and one of her teams "Rimshot". In this episode Ron explores achieving and measuring Productivity improvements without formal metrics.

Proposed VS 10 Features Released as a VS 2008 Add-On

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 05, 2008

Microsoft has released a demo of potential Visual Studio 10 features as an extension for VS 2008. The features, collectively called PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008, include the source code.

Crunch Mode And Making Superstars Average

by Mike Bria on  Feb 26, 2008 3

James Golick and Reg Braithwaite discuss the often overlooked realities of how putting teams into "Crunch Mode" can have undesirable results. The discussion looks at various ways applying pressure to a team often results in putting your project into not better but worse shape and how teams and managers might benefit by taking a different approach.

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