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Interview With Luke Kanies on $40 Million Funding of Puppet Labs by Matthias Marschall Posted on Jul 30, 2014

Puppet Labs Releases Puppet Enterprise 3.3 and Starts the Puppet Supported Certification Program by Carlos Sanchez Posted on Jul 17, 2014's DevOps Journey by João Miranda Posted on Jun 20, 2014

PuppetLabs Announces Deeper Integration with Microsoft Azure by Carlos Sanchez Posted on Apr 30, 2014

Puppet Enterprise 3.2 Brings Fully Supported Modules by João Miranda Posted on Mar 05, 2014

Automate All Things! Support for DevOps Tool Puppet Added to Windows Azure by Richard Seroter Posted on Dec 19, 2013

PuppetLabs and Opscode Reveal How They Built Their Open Source Communities by Matthias Marschall Posted on Mar 19, 2013

GitHub Boxen: Automating Mac OS X Configuration and Management by Abel Avram Posted on Feb 19, 2013

VMware Strengthens Influence In Configuration Management Tools by Matthias Marschall Posted on Feb 08, 2013

Trends in the latest Technology Radar by Aslan Brooke Posted on Jan 18, 2013 8

Solving Difficult System Problems with a DevOps Culture by Aslan Brooke Posted on Dec 28, 2012 1

Puppet Labs and EMC open source next-generation provisioning tool: Razor by Manuel Pais Posted on Jun 23, 2012

Thoughtworks Technology Radar March 2012 by Craig Smith Posted on Mar 22, 2012 7

Unix Orchestration Roundup: Tools for Programmatic Systems Administration by Chris Brown Posted on May 02, 2011 1

Adobe Released Puppet Recipes for Hadoop by Michael Prokop Posted on Jul 01, 2010

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