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Reactive Cloud Actors: An Evolvable Web of Events by Ali Kheyrollahi Posted on May 19, 2014 Reactive Cloud Actors are an utilization of Carl Hewitt's Actor model which can be used to leverage the power of modern distributed systems. This article demonstrates an implementation of Reactive Cloud Actors, considering a complex business scenario that is delivered in an elegant and thoughtful solution.

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Go Reactive: Blueprint for Future Applications by Roland Kuhn Posted on Jul 19, 2014 Roland Kuhn introduces the principles of reactive applications, providing guidance on how to create reactive systems. 3

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Netflix's Reactive Programming Model via Rx by Jafar Husain Posted on Jan 27, 2014 Netflix leverages reactive system concepts to produce highly interactive and engaging User Interfaces. By using functional programming, Rx, and an intentional training method, they are able to ramp up their developers to produce reactive code quickly and with few bugs. Jafar explains how Netflix established this practice and gives a few pointers as to how your company can start its own. 2

Francesco Cesarini and Viktor Klang on the Reactive Manifesto by Francesco Cesarini and Viktor Klang Posted on Jan 16, 2014 Francesco Cesarini and Viktor Klang explain the motivation behind the Reactive Manifesto and what exactly it brings to the table. Also: what Erlang and Scala/Akka can learn from each other. 1

Martin Thompson Discusses Reactive System Design by Martin Thompson Posted on Dec 02, 2013 Martin Thompson discusses the buidling of complex systems with regards to the Reactive Manifesto. Many web-based systems are built in a synchronous manner and that way of development may be their greatest barrier to scale and could greatly limit their production lifespan. Martin discusses these shortcomings and gives some advice on how to make systems truly reactive.

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