Experiences from Enterprise Integration with REST

by Jan Stenberg on  Nov 28, 2013

Large-scale legacy replacement is the hardest job in the IT industry and REST over HTTP is an attractive option for many of these projects. Architecturally REST has proven scalability and to fit in well with domain modelling, Brandon Byars, a principal consultant at Thoughtworks, claims when sharing his experiences from using RESTful integration in large scale legacy replacement projects.

MuleSoft Open Sources RAML Tools for Designing RESTful APIs

by Abel Avram on  Oct 23, 2013

MuleSoft has just announced the release of three RAML-based tools for designing, evaluating and testing RESTful APIs.

GOTO Berlin: DO’s and DON’Ts in a Web API

by Jan Stenberg on  Oct 19, 2013 2

Oliver Wolf, a principal consultant, shares his opinionated thoughts about endpoints, domain models, caching, versioning and other matters from the discussions around REST and web APIs taking place in mailing lists and other forums in a talk at the GOTO Berlin Conference.

Webix 1.1 Adds Improved Server Side Integration, REST API and XSS Safe Support

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Oct 19, 2013 2

The recently released Webix 1.1 includes improved server side integration and bug detection including the ability to disable any view. It also includes support for REST API and enable developers to define XSS safe template in addition to load data from server side.

GOTO Berlin: Building, Running and Promoting a Public API

by Jan Stenberg on  Oct 18, 2013

In a presentation at the GOTO Berlin Conference Ben Barnard and Felix Leipold, both developers at Nokia in Berlin, shared their experience designing and building a public web API, among other things how to work with an API, that inherently doesn’t have a natural user interface, and challenges in testing for backward compatibility.

GOTO Berlin: Microservices as an Alternative to Monoliths

by Jan Stenberg on  Oct 17, 2013

James Lewis talked at the GOTO Berlin Conference about an alternative to the traditional way of building systems where all functionality is put into one big application with one big database, instead using a pattern where entirely separate business capabilities, together with their own data, are kept separate in microservices.

REST and the Internet of Things

by Mark Little on  Oct 13, 2013 3

The Internet of Things is hear today and the IETF has begun a number of standardisation efforts in this area. Notable amongst them is the Constrained RESTful Environments (CoRE) working group, which is looking to provide REST approaches to constrained devices. There's also a Java project to support this work.

Level Up Your REST Based Web API with Hypermedia

by Jan Stenberg on  Sep 30, 2013

When we started building a new Web API for our business we wanted to build a really great API and the answer on Internet was to build a RESTful API, Amy Palamountain revealed in a recent presentation at TechEd in New Zealand when sharing her experiences of how to build a RESTful API based on the core ideas of HTTP and the web.

RAD Studio XE5 Adds Android, iOS and REST Client Support

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Sep 28, 2013

The recently released RAD Studio XE5 provides support for Android, iOS and Rest client including the ability to build prototype and native apps in standard C++ or Delphi without any need for multiple projects and schedules.

OData v4.0 Committee Specification with Data Models, URL Components, CSDL, Vocabulary and Annotation

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Sep 18, 2013 1

OASIS Open Data Protocol Technical Committee recently approved ODATA v4.0 as committee specification and also made available the complete reference documentation in both online and downloadable ZIP formats.

Experiences Versioning a RESTful Service

by Jan Stenberg on  Sep 16, 2013

Use server driven content negotiation, but enhance the response with links to alternate versions and formats of the representation, thus letting the client choose which URIs to follow due to its needs Howard Dierking recently wrote when comparing his newly gained experiences working with designing the next major revision of the NuGet API, V3, with his thoughts almost a year ago.

The Big Progressive Enhancement Debate

by Dilip Krishnan on  Sep 11, 2013 1

Recently, Tom Dale, one of the creators of ember.js, wrote an article that re-kindled a brewing debate on the need for progressive enhancement. This is a quick look at the different views on the debate.

Creating Nobackend Applications with Firebase

by Abel Avram on  Sep 11, 2013 1

Firebase is out of beta with pricing plans and SLAs. This article contains details on Firebase and an interview with Andrew Lee, CTO.

REST and the Travelling Salesman Design

by Mark Little on  Aug 29, 2013

Recently Steve Jones from CapGemini commented on some text in a Nokia API project on github which indicated that designing and documenting APIs for REST based services was no longer required and that HATEOAS was sufficient. Given Steve's previous comments on IT valuing technology over thought, this was something he needed to call out as bad practice.

Mike Amundsen Workshop on API Design

by Saul Caganoff on  Aug 19, 2013

"Don't version unless you absolutely must, and it is rare that you absolutely must" says Mike Amundsen in a series of API design workshops he held recently. Amundsen describes the "USE" paradigm for API design focussing on usability, scalability and evolvability. He describes the three most common styles of API implementation and how they compare to these principles.

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