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Jerome Louvel on Web APIs with Restlet and APISpark by Jerome Louvel Posted on Dec 07, 2014 Jerome Louvel talks about Web APIs, the Restlet framework and his latest venture APISpark

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A Comparison of Spring MVC and JAX-RS by Rossen Stoyanchev Posted on Feb 10, 2010 SpringSource's Rossen Stoyanchev introduces the Spring MVC REST features available in Spring 3 and relates them to JAX-RS, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two programming models. 33

Interview: Jérome Louvel about Restlet by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Apr 17, 2007 In this exclusive InfoQ interview, Jérome Louvel talks about Restlet, a Java framework for building Web applications following the REST architectural style. Topics covered include the reason for Restlet's existence, REST support in Web services frameworks and in Ruby on Rails, expectations for JSR 311 and Restlet's roadmap. 3

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