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Netflix Details Evolution of Keystone Data Pipeline by Dylan Raithel Posted on Mar 04, 2016

AWS Simplifies Resource Access with VPC Endpoints, Initially Supporting S3 by Steffen Opel Posted on Aug 31, 2015

AWS s2n: Open-source TLS Implementation in Less than 6,000 Lines by Sergio De Simone Posted on Jul 01, 2015

MemSQL 4 Database Supports Community Edition, Geospatial Intelligence and Spark Integration by Srini Penchikala Posted on May 30, 2015

Microsoft Azure Tops Nasuni’s Storage Benchmark Test by Janakiram MSV Posted on May 24, 2015

Amazon DynamoDB Streams and Event Notifications for Amazon S3 Launched at AWS re:Invent 2014 by Boris Lublinsky Posted on Nov 16, 2014

Amazon Releases Services To Lure Enterprises to the Cloud by Richard Seroter Posted on Aug 15, 2011

Requester Pays: A New Amazon Business Model by Abel Avram Posted on Jan 07, 2009

Amazon Has Started Delivering Its Clouds with CloudFront by Abel Avram Posted on Nov 18, 2008 3

C# Library for Amazon S3 Available on CodePlex by Abel Avram Posted on Oct 07, 2008

Interview: Jeff Barr Discusses Amazon Web Services by Ryan Slobojan Posted on Sep 23, 2008

Presentation: Jinesh Varia About Amazon Alexa Web Service's Architecture by Abel Avram Posted on Aug 16, 2008 3

Amazon S3 Outage : Do SLAs Lead to Trust? by Michael Bushe Posted on Feb 28, 2008 4

Presentation: Werner Vogels on The Technology Platform: Building Blocks for Innovation by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Dec 10, 2007

The RDBMS is not enough. by Sebastien Auvray Posted on Nov 26, 2007 10

Client side load balancing of Ajax applications by Gavin Terrill Posted on Oct 10, 2007 1

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Real-time Data Processing in AWS Cloud by Oleksii Tymchenko Posted on Nov 11, 2015 In this article, author Oleksii Tymchenko discusses a bio-informatic software as a service (SaaS) product called Chorus, which was built as a public data warehousing and analytical platform for mass spectrometry data. Other features of the product include real-time visualization of raw mass-spec data. 3

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