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Scott Chacon on Git and GitHub by Scott Chacon Posted on Sep 06, 2010 Scott Chacon talks about the technologies that power GitHub (Erlang, Redis,...), and the benefits of Git as a version control and as a storage system.Also: ShowOff, Scott's JS-based presentation tool. 2

Kevin Rutherford on Refactoring Ruby And Code Smells by Kevin Rutherford Posted on Aug 25, 2010 Kevin Rutherford talks about the challenges of refactoring Ruby code, and his open source tool 'reek' which automates the discovery of certain code smells in Ruby code.

John Leach on Virtualization and Unix Tools for the Data Center by John Leach Posted on Aug 03, 2010 John Leach explains how Brightbox uses Virtualization in the data center and whether Virtualization causes performance problems. Also: a look at a few Unix tools and Linux features that Ruby developers might not know about.

Dan Lucraft on NoSQL DBs with Rails and the Design of JRuby-based Editor RedCar by Dan Lucraft Posted on Jul 19, 2010 Dan Lucraft talks about working with MongoDB and using asynchronous observers with Rails. Also: the design of the JRuby/SWT/HTML/Javascript-based, extensible editor RedCar.

Carl Lerche on Rails 3 and Arel by Carl Lerche Posted on Jul 06, 2010 Carl Lerche talks about the changes, design and new features in Rails 3. Also: the concepts and reasons behind Arel, the Rails 3 relational algebra library.

Aaron Quint on the State of Javascript by Aaron Quint Posted on Jun 17, 2010 Aaron Quint talks about his projects Sammy, a Javascript port of Sinatra, and Jim, a Javascript packaging tool, as well as the state of Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, CommonJS, and much more.

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