Top Scripting Languages: PHP, Ruby, Python

by Sebastien Auvray on  Mar 31, 2009 7

Evans Data's published the result of its scripting language survey. PHP, Ruby and Python are the favorite choices of more than 500 developers and IT Professionals. Scripting languages usage in the enterprise has changed with time, the survey outlines the drawbacks and merits of each language.

MacRuby 0.4 Released with HotCocoa::Graphics, Threaded GC, DTrace

by Werner Schuster on  Mar 12, 2009

The MacOS X based Ruby implementation MacRuby is now available in the 0.4 release, which adds an embedding API for using Ruby to script Objective-C apps, a new threaded GC, 64 bit support, and a graphics library along the lines of Processing called HotCocoa::Graphics built on Core Graphics and Core Image.

Clojure Brings STM, LISP to the JVM

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 30, 2009 5

Clojure, a LISP-style language for the JVM, is gaining interest quickly. One of the reasons is definitely its approach to concurrency which builds on Software Transactional Memory (STM). We talked to Stuart Halloway who's writing the first book on Clojure for the Pragmatic Programmers.

JRuby GUI MVC Framework Monkeybars Goes 1.0

by Werner Schuster on  Jan 27, 2009 2

There are many JRuby libraries on top of Java GUI toolkits. Monkeybars is a JRuby MVC framework for building GUI applications, and it's now available in version 1.0. We talked to James Britt about Monkeybars.

JRuby 1.1.6 Released, Improves Ruby 1.9 Support

by Werner Schuster on  Dec 17, 2008

JRuby 1.1.6 is now available. The latest release brings the usual list of speed improvements and bug fixes, but a big new feature is the full support for parsing Ruby 1.9 source code, as well as improved Ruby 1.9 support.

Ruby FFI Brings Native Library Access to JRuby, MRI

by Werner Schuster on  Dec 10, 2008

The Ruby FFI library allows to access native code loaded from shared libraries. Created for Rubinius, it was recently ported to JRuby, MRI (1.8 and 1.9). Ruby FFI 0.2.0 has now been released.

JavaScript Meets Ruby: John Barnette Explains Johnson

by Joseph Hurtado on  Oct 31, 2008 2

Johnson brings Javascript to Ruby, allowing to run Javascript inside a Ruby runtime. To understand the why and how behind Johnson, we talked to John Barnette who's behind Johnson.

Java GUI Testing With JRuby

by Mirko Stocker on  Oct 28, 2008 6

GUI testing is a hard and often neglected task. We take a look at two open source solutions for writing SWT and Swing tests, SWTBot and Marathon, and how they can be used from JRuby. We talked to Ketan Padegaonkar (SWTBot) and Dakshinamurthy Karra (Marathon).

Article: Ruby's Roots: Smalltalk Comeback and Randal Schwartz on Smalltalk

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 27, 2008 5

Smalltalk, a language that has had a big influence on Ruby, is making a comeback. We take a look at the current situation and talk to Randal L. Schwartz about Smalltalk.

Host IronScheme in Your .NET Applications

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 24, 2008

IronScheme, an implementation of Scheme for the .NET runtime, is ready for developers to try out. IronScheme adheres closely to the R6RS Scheme standard and currently passes 8,881 of the 8,897 tests in the PLT R6RS test suite.

LLVM and Ruby Roundup: llvmruby, yarv2llvm and regexpllvm, Rubinius

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 18, 2008 2

The llvmruby project provides Ruby bindings for LLVM. Yarv2llvm is a project built with llvmruby which translates Ruby 1.9 opcodes to LLVM bitcode, which can be compiled down to native code, using LLVM's JIT functionality. Also: the Rubinius VM, currently rewritten using C++, now also comes with LLVM.

Interview: Tom Preston-Werner on Powerset, GitHub, Ruby and Erlang

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 17, 2008 1

In this interview filmed at RubyFringe 2008, Tom Preston-Werner talks about how both Powerset and GitHub use Ruby and Erlang, as well as tools like Fuzed, god, and more.

Embedding MacRuby For Application Scripting

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 14, 2008

The upcoming MacRuby release will have some features that allow to embed the runtime and use Ruby to script Objective-C based applications.

Google Introduces GWT Overlay Types

by R.J. Lorimer on  Aug 03, 2008

Javascript Overlay Types is a new feature in GWT 1.5 that simplifies the process of interacting with native Javascript data structures in GWT applications.

Using Windows PowerShell from VBScript, JScript

by Abel Avram on  Jul 29, 2008

Sapien Technologies has made available ActiveX PowerShell (ActiveXPosh), a free scripting tool which allows calling the Windows PowerShell from any COM compatible scripting language like VBScript or JScript. ActiveXPosh is useful to enhance existing scripts to make use of the PowerShell functionality.

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