• The Agile Project Manager — Voilà: The Great Reveal

    by Robert Galen on  Jun 11, 2012 5

    Certified Scrum Master training tells us we must conduct Reviews (aka Demo's) at the end of every Sprint. Rarely do we get guidance on how to have a great Sprint Review. Bob Galen has experienced the bad "Demos" that were only Powerpoint and helped coach them to the level where stakeholders clamoured to attend.

  • The Leadership Challenge

    by Badri Srinivasan on  Apr 20, 2012 6

    In projects that are implementing Scrum, the role of the Scrum Master is very crucial as he is a team facilitator. This article focuses on what is Servant Leadership, origins of servant leadership, how to transfer leadership to teams, the role of the Scrum Master as a Servant Leader and it expounds on the principal characteristics and traits of a Servant Leader.

  • The Day I Became Unnecessary - Part 2

    by Claudio Kerber on  Apr 09, 2012 6

    In the second of two articles Claudio Kerber talks about his experiences in team formation and collaboration and explains the process whereby he "became unnecessary" as the team he was working with built trust and cohesion through trust, shared knowledge and shared experiences. He examines the theoretical underpinnings and discusses ways in which servant leadership emerges.

The Day I Became Unnecessary - Part 1

Posted by Claudio Kerber on  Mar 27, 2012

In the first of two articles Claudio talks about his experiences in team formation and collaboration and how empowerment, refinement and facilitation enable the free flow of knowledge and value. 8

Your Brain on Scrum

Posted by Michael de la Maza on  Feb 02, 2012

Michael de la Maza shows how the latest neuroscience findings support agile software development and that there are good brain-based reasons why agile is so effective. 15

Organizational Culture and Agile: Does it fit?

Posted by Todd Charron on  Sep 26, 2011

Recently, Agile Coach Michael Sahota has been exploring the impacts of organizational culture on Agile transformations... 4

Limiting Work in Progress and Scrum

Posted by Sean McHugh on  Jul 05, 2011

Sean recounts the story of how he learned the value of limiting work in progress and removing blockages to allow the flow of work in an IT server lab, and how he applies these lessons in Scrum. 1

Interview: William E. Perry - Author iTeams – Putting the “I” Back Into Team

Posted by Ben Linders on  May 23, 2011

In this interview, Ben Linders explores with author William E. Perry his motivation for writing the book iTeams – Putting the “I” Back Into Team and the challenges teams face and learn to deal with.

Agile at 10 – A State of Contradiction

Posted by Mike Beedle on  May 03, 2011

Mike Beedle states that agile is in a state of contradiction, we need to focus on quality to prevent poor implementations tarnishing the reputation of good agile practices. 3

Agile at the Office of Personnel Management

Posted by Richard Cheng on  Nov 30, 2010

Federal Government projects are known for being large and lasting a long time. Some projects go through repeated resets. OPM decided to learn from the past and do things differently.

Agile Goal Setting

Posted by Jurgen Appelo on  Oct 26, 2010

All the Agile processes talk about the importance of setting goals. However there is little written about how to do it. Jurgen Appelo looks at what make's great goals. 7

Technical Debt a Perspective for Managers

Posted by Mark Levison on  Sep 27, 2010

Developers often talk about Technical Debt saying its slowing your projects down. What are they really saying? What measures can you take to reduce it before it cripples your projects? 3

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