Is Scrum Certification Having Another Makeover?

by Vikas Hazrati on  Feb 09, 2010 9

Scrum Certification is one debate that refuses to die down. First, it was about the hollow nature of certification for which there was a comment “Pay the tuition, sit through a couple days of class, and you're in”. Subsequently a new format was devised, which too failed to enthuse the Agilists who were against this certification philosophy. Is there another makeover on the anvil?

Agile Consultants and Trainers Help the Unemployed and Hard Up

by Mark Levison on  Jun 12, 2009 7

Tobias Mayer, James Coplien, Dan Rawsthorne, Alan Cyment and David Schmaltz are all giving back to their communities in different ways. Tobias is offering free Scrum Training to those in need; James, Dan and Alan all travelled to Serbia to provide free Scrum Training and David helped a nonprofit when their budget fell apart.

Opinion: Will the Scrum Alliance Change its Stripes?

by Mark Levison on  May 21, 2009 3

Recently the Scrum Alliance asked a number of user groups to sign a licensing agreement. This turned out be to a big public relations mistake in the Scrum Community. In cleaning from this mistake the Scrum Alliance issued a new policy, hired Cory Foy as Community Organizer and promised to listen to feedback in the future. Will this be succesful?

Learning to be Agile - a snapshot of Agile training providers

by Shane Hastie on  May 20, 2009 5

A list of some of the Agile training providers and consolidators from around the world. This article is not a comprehensive list, but a snaphot and starting point for the reader's further investigation.

Scrum Alliance Asks User Group to Sign Licensing Agreement

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Apr 30, 2009 11

Today a Scrum User Group closed shop, in response to a Scrum Alliance request "to sign ... a licensing document for a logo they created for Orlando Scrum users group." Community reaction varies widely. Despite clarification from the SA's managing director, it is unclear what, if anything, this trademark application will mean for existing groups.

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