• 10 SOA Commandments

    by Hans Wierenga on  May 10, 2010 8

    Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) it is possible to lower the costs of information systems. Paradigms which are appropriate to database era are still being applied to SOA, resulting in counterproductive, and sometimes even dangerous designs. The author explores ways to achieve the potential of SOA initiatives by adhering to ten basic commandments.

  • Practices from “SOA Principles of Service Design” by Thomas Erl

    by Thomas Erl on  Oct 15, 2009

    “SOA Principles of Service Design” by Thomas Erl is an encyclopedia of service design principles needed to build SOA solutions. This article contains three supporting practices taken from the book: Service Profiles, Vocabularies, and Organizational Roles.

  • The Emergence of Virtual Service Oriented Grids

    by Enrique Castro-Leon&Jackson He&Mark Chang&Parviz Peiravi on  Apr 30, 2009 2

    This article introduces and discusses three technologies, virtualization, service orientation, and grid computing, and then shows how they are combining to create new design and deployment options - "Virtual Service Oriented Grids." The business case for using this emergent model is also discussed.

Introduction to BackgrounDRb

Posted by Ezra Zygmuntowicz on  Jun 27, 2006

BackgrounDRb is a very useful library for Rails application developers that need to run background tasks as a result of web requests. 5

SOA anti-patterns

Posted by Steve Jones on  Jun 19, 2006

SOA Expert Steve Jones from CapGemini provides a hands on look at SOA Antipatterns and a list of ways your SOA project can go wrong. 5

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