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  • GS Collections by Example – Part 1

    by Donald Raab on  Sep 22, 2014

    Donald Raab, creator of GS Collections, open sourced by Goldman Sachs in 2012, reveals the power of that framework, and how together with Lambda expressions, it sprinkles Java with some of the sparkle of Smalltalk.

  • How Would You Build Up a City from Components?

    by Aliaksei Papou on  Mar 25, 2013 5

    Aliaksei Papou explores how components and common design patterns such as the Observer and Finite State Machine make it possible to design an application such that it can grow and change according to your needs using the analogy of a house.

  • Interview: Russ Olsen on "Eloquent Ruby"

    by Werner Schuster on  May 26, 2011

    The book "Eloquent Ruby" aims to help Ruby programmers to write idiomatic Ruby and make best use of Ruby's capabilities. InfoQ talked to author Russ Olsen about Ruby style, metaprogramming and more.

Ruby's Roots: Smalltalk Comeback and Randal Schwartz on Smalltalk

Posted by Werner Schuster on  Oct 27, 2008

Smalltalk, a language that has had a big influence on Ruby, is making a comeback. We take a look at the current situation and talk to Randal L. Schwartz about Smalltalk. 5

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