Software Architecture in the Movies

by Michael Stal on  Jul 31, 2011

Keeping up-to-date with software architecture can be a tough endeavor. Information is normally available within thick books or somewhere hidden in the Web. Another more entertaining way can be to watch clips available at video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Selenium 2 (a.k.a Selenium WebDriver) Is Released

by Bienvenido David on  Jul 18, 2011 1

The Selenium team has recently released Selenium 2 (a.k.a. Selenium WebDriver), a major update to the poplar test framework for web applications.

SoapUI and LoadUI Join the SmartBear Product Portfolio

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Jul 12, 2011 1

SmartBear Software, a prominent ALM and monitoring tool vendor acquired Eviware, creators of popular open source web services testing tools soapui and loadui, last week.

Eclipse Jubula: Automated Functional Testing Tool

by Bienvenido David on  Jul 05, 2011

The recent release of Eclipse Indigo includes Jubula, an automated functional testing tool for Java and HTML applications. Tests are created via drag and drop of built-in test libraries, instead of application recording or test programming.

Native Mobile Apps Test Automation with NativeDriver

by Abel Avram on  Jun 23, 2011

NativeDriver offers test automation for Android and iOS native applications. It implements the WebDriver API.

Will Machiel van der Bijl make manual Software Testing obsolete?

by Michael Stal on  Jun 11, 2011 5

Machiel van der Bijl from the University of Twente in the Netherlands recently introduced a Model-based testing approach which is supposed to automate software testing.

Visual Studio vNext Will Bring More Agility and DevOps Integration

by Abel Avram on  May 18, 2011

Microsoft has unveiled at TechEd North America 2011 some of the new features coming in Visual Studio: more Agile tools for project planning and collecting stakeholder feedback, a connector for providing operations feedback to developers, plus architecture diagrams and unit testing for VC++.

Representing Agile Testing

by Dan Puckett on  Apr 25, 2011

Several members of the Agile community describe different styles for expressing user story tests and the testing of an entire theme.

Palladio provides Version 3.2 of its Software Architecture Simulator

by Michael Stal on  Apr 08, 2011

Palladio Bench supports architects and developers in deriving quality of software estimations such as performance, reliability, maintainability and development costs from models. Its new version 3.2 is based on Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and adds several stabilizations and fixes, a reliability analysis, a new graphical editor and a new workflow engine, as well as a probe specification framework.

Tasktop 2.0 Supports Task Federation and Cross-Repository Agile Planning

by Srini Penchikala on  Mar 31, 2011

The latest version of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) collaboration tool Tasktop supports task federation, cross-repository Agile planning, and new connectors to other ALM tools like HP Agile Accelerator and SmartBear CodeCollaborator. Tasktop team last week released version 2.0 of the software which also has integration with Hudson CI tool.

The Ascendancy of Testers

by Liz Keogh on  Feb 25, 2011

New groups, conferences and workshops promote the traditionally neglected tester role, spotlighting the skills, tools, and principles needed to be an excellent tester on an Agile team. Historically, the role of a Tester or QA has often been post-hoc, taking place after software has been created. Bob Martin, one of the original Agile manifesto signatories, observed that this was not optimal.

The Holy Grail of Zero Defect Systems

by Vikas Hazrati on  Feb 22, 2011 3

While, zero defects sounds very good to hear, is it really possible or is it an unachievable goal? Many organizations adopt a 'zero defects methodology'. Does it really mean anything?

BDD: ATDD done well?

by Liz Keogh on  Feb 16, 2011

A new form of an old question has been asked in the Behavior Driven Development community: is BDD merely Acceptance Test Driven Development done well? While the community calls out the differences, Dan North makes a request to avoid focusing on them, calling TDD "amazing".

Using the Cloud: Two Examples

by Dave West on  Jul 22, 2010 1

Most of the discussion about cloud computing has focused on tools, providers, and security. While this focus is appropriate for an emerging technology, it becomes easier to recognize the value of cloud computing when you have actual application examples, or case studies. This month IBM announced two such applications: a development-and-test cloud, and an animation rendering cloud.

Naresh Jain Discusses "Simple Design & Testing" And The Conference Dedicated To It

by Mike Bria on  Jun 16, 2010

"Simplicity" is a core agile tenet, particularly when it comes to software design and testing. Since 2006, Naresh Jain has been running a worldwide conference, the Simple Design & Testing Conference, for practitioners to collectively push the boundaries on the topic. Naresh tells InfoQ what's going on behind this small, but well-known conference and why he is so passionate about the topic.

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