• Interview: Jim Marino and Meeraj Kunnumpurath on SCA and Fabric3

    by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Apr 07, 2008

    BEA has released a Technology Preview of SCA support in WebLogic 10.3 based on the open source Fabric3 runtime. InfoQ spoke with Jim Marino, Director of Technology at BEA Systems and Meeraj Kunnumpurath, Lead Technologist at VocaLink. We talked about their views on SOA and SCA, what was VocaLink's approach to adopt SCA and some of the key benefits of the technology.

  • Drinking your Guice too quickly?

    by Paul Hammant on  Apr 01, 2008 3

    Dependency Injection has been around for a while, and many teams are refactoring their applications to use DI. But it can be a struggle. In this article, Paul Hammant explains the route to take to move an existing application from a nest-of-singletons design to a full fledged DI design.

  • What's New in Spring 2.5: Part 1

    by Mark Fisher on  Nov 19, 2007 23

    The first in a series of articles by Mark Fisher of Interface21 exploring what's new in Spring 2.5: annotation-driven dependency injection, auto-detection of Spring components on the classpath using annotations rather than XML for metadata, annotation support for lifecycle methods.

Software Testing With Spring Framework

Posted by Srini & Kavitha Penchikala on  Nov 12, 2007

Srini & Kavitha Penchikala give an overview of the support provided by Spring framework in the areas of unit and integration testing, with a sample application. 16

Open Source WS Stacks for Java - Design Goals and Philosophy

Posted by Stefan Tilkov on  Oct 04, 2007

InfoQ spoke to the lead developers of the most important open source Java Web-services stacks about their design goals, standards, data binding, XML, interoperability, REST support, and maturity. 12

Using ETags to Reduce Bandwith & Workload with Spring & Hibernate

Posted by Gavin Terrill on  Jul 11, 2007

Gavin Terrill explains the humble "ETag Response Header", and how to integrate its use in a Spring and Hibernate based web app to improve application performance and scalability. 12

Dynamic Routing Using Spring framework and AOP

Posted by Vigil Bose on  Jun 26, 2007

Vigil Bose gives a framework for doing dynamic business event routing using the command pattern and AOP facilities in Spring. 13

Web Applications with Spring Web Flow and Terracotta for Spring

Posted by Jonas Bonér & Eugene Kuleshov on  Apr 03, 2007

Jonas Boner gives an overview of Spring Web Flow and Terracotta and shows how to cluster SWF with Terracotta. 2

Integrating Java Content Repository and Spring

Posted by Costin Leau on  Mar 12, 2007

Costin Leau introduces JSR 170 & how Spring Modules' JCR module simplifies JSR-170 API development much like how Spring simplifies ORM. 10

Messaging Interop with JMS & Spring.NET

Posted by Mark Pollack on  Feb 13, 2007

Mark Pollack demonstrates Java and .NET interoperability using the JMS support in Spring & Spring.NET, to provide a common programming model across both tiers of the application. 10

Arjen Poutsma on Spring Web Services

Posted by Stefan Tilkov on  Jan 31, 2007

Spring Web Services creator Arjen Poutsma talks about Spring's WS stack and the different approach it has to building Java Web services. 7

Spring 2.0: What's New and Why it Matters

Posted by Rod Johnson on  Jan 15, 2007

Rod Johnson provides the definitive guide to Spring 2.0 enhancements to the core container, XML configuration extensions, AOP enhancements and Java 5-specific features. 4

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