Platform as a Service, Portability and Mobility

by Mark Little on  May 24, 2010 2

Are current PaaS solutions really vendor lock-in opportunities? In a recent article Joe McKendrick discusses this possibility in terms of application portability and mobility. He also ties this to similar issues that affect the SOA world.

Python Could Become the Language of Finance

by Jonathan Allen on  Apr 21, 2010 1

The SEC is proposing that most Asset Backed Securities include a downloadable “program that gives effect to the flow of funds, or “waterfall,” provisions of the transaction”. If the proposal is passed, this program would have to be written in Python and posted EDGAR.

ECMA Common Language Infrastructure 5th Edition

by Jonathan Allen on  Apr 20, 2010

The ECMA working group in charge of the Common Language Infrastructure standard has produced released a working draft of the 5th edition. The CLI represents the subset of Microsoft’s .NET platform that has been placed in the care of Ecma International. Originally known as the European Computer Manufacturers Association, Ecma International both competes with and complements ISO.

Real Time Web And Cloud Management Standards

by Dilip Krishnan on  Feb 18, 2010 1

William Vambenepe comments on the absence of “real time” features in existing cloud management solutions and proposes the desirable properties that define such solutions. Dare Obasanjo examines implementations of the real time web available today and provides a detailed explanation of the technologies such services use. Is the real time web a grassroots solution to cloud management standards?

SOA Practioners Should Define Standards First

by Mark Little on  Jan 31, 2010 1

Standards are often cited as important, helping to prevent vendor lock-in and allow for interoperability between heterogeneous implementations. However, as Steve Jones points out recently, it is still common for many SOA practitioners to ignore selecting standards at the start of the SOA lifecyle. In this article he outlines where standards should fit in and how REST is no exception to this rule.


by Mark Little on  Sep 22, 2009 1

Until recently there was no standardized way in which to measure the performance of SOA infrastructures, such as ESBs. Now the Spec Organization have announced that they are working with vendors to define just such a benchmark.

Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture

by Mark Little and Boris Lublinsky on  Jul 22, 2009

Various members of the OMG, OASIS and Open Group efforts around SOA standardization have gotten together to produce a new white paper that attempts to steer you through the range of specifications and working groups. It is deliberately implementation agnostic, staying clear of Web Services, JBI and other approaches.

SCA Extensions for Event Processing and Pub/Sub

by Boris Lublinsky on  May 06, 2009 1

Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a today’s most popular programming model for building applications and systems based on a Service Oriented Architecture. A new “Assembly Model Specification Extensions for Event Processing and Pub/Sub” allows to further extend SCA’s reach in implementation of the event-driven systems.

Presentation: Mark Nottingham's HTTP Status Report

by Stefan Tilkov on  Apr 21, 2009 3

HTTP is one of the most successful protocols in the world, and more and more developers are using it to do more than drive HTML UIs. In this presentation, recorded at QCon San Francisco 2008, HTTPbis WG chair Mark Nottingham gives an update on the current status of the HTTP protocol in the wild, and the ongoing work to clarify the HTTP specification.

REST Truer To The Web Than WS-*

by Mark Little on  Mar 22, 2009 6

Bill Burke, lead of the RESTeasy project, talks about how REST is truer to the goals of the Web than Web Services and allows you to focus on interoperability at the right level, without having to worry about the kind of problems WS-* standardization has encountered.

WS-Discovery and WS-DeviceProfile Public Review

by Mark Little on  Mar 08, 2009

The OASIS WS-DD technical committee, who are working on the standardization of WS-Discovery, recently put a trio of specifications into public review. Although WS-Discovery has seen some interest since its original release over 5 years ago, Oracle's William Vambenepe still wonders if it is of any use and whether anyone other than Microsoft will really use it.

BPMN 2.0 Virtual Roundtable Interview

by Mark Little on  Dec 25, 2008

In another one of our online roundtable interviews, we talk with some of the people behind the latest version of the BPMN standard that is progressing through the OMG. We talk with them about BPMN 2.0 as well as XPDL and BPEL4People.

Microsoft's CSS Extensions

by Jonathan Allen on  Sep 15, 2008 3

Microsoft has outlined the CSS extensions whose support has changed in IE 8.

Debate Around The Need For The Open Web Foundation

by Mark Little on  Aug 13, 2008

The formation of the Open Web Foundation was recently announced at OSCON 2008 as a way for "community driven specifications" to be standardized. Although there has been some positive responses to the OWF the majority of people seem unconvinced of the efficacy, especially when we already have the IETF, W3C and OASIS.

RubyKaigi 2008: Standardization, 1.9 Roadmap

by Kaz Tajima and Mirko Stocker on  Jul 03, 2008

News from RubyKaigi2008—the Japanese Ruby conference held at Tsukuba from June 20 through 22—concerning the planned Ruby standardization, the Ruby 1.9 roadmap and a glimpse at upcoming features in future versions of Ruby.

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