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One Team's Experience Using Kanban for Maintenance & Support, and Small Projects by Stuart Williams Posted on Aug 02, 2015 Stuart Williams shares from experience how his company implemented Kanban, what worked for them in handling maintenance, support and a number of small projects. 1

In the Toolbox - Live! by Chris Oldwood Posted on Jul 16, 2015 Chris Oldwood takes a look at a variety of both command-line and GUI tools - build automation, testing and support - that have proved to be useful to the speaker time-and-time again.

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Staying Connected When Working Remote by Ben Linders Posted on May 04, 2015 Working remote can give you freedom and independence as you can work when and where you want. But working alone and being distant from people that you work with can result in loneliness and can make you feel disconnected. InfoQ interviewed Pilar Orti about the advantages and disadvantages of remote working, staying connected while working remote and creating trust. 2

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